Three-D Cameras

Traditionally, the 3D camera operated with two lenses to emulate the manner in which our two eyes see in "stereo," and produced two images at slightly different angles to create the 3D illusion. Here is a group of cameras that will give you the ability to create 3D images and videos that you can view on your home HDTV.

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Another way to decide which 3D camera to get should be based on whether the recipient owns or plans to buy a 3D-capable TV set. If yes to either, you want the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 for 3D video and 3D photos or the Sony Cyber-shot DSC WX5 for 3D photos. Either camera connects to any brand of 3D-capable TV via its HDMI input. The 3D effect will be viewable using the active LCD shutter glasses made for the TV. The Viewsonic and Aiptek cameras, on the other hand, use the earlier anaglyph (two-color passive) 3D format, which is still the most-often used 3D format on YouTube.