Thursday Musings for 10/21/2010

Need a break and want to look at something really cool and interesting? Why not take a look at some compelling photography-related content from around the web today. If you're a baseball fan, a photographer interested in your legal rights, love clowns, or a fan of John Mayer, you're in luck.

- The Frame, a Sacramento Bee photojournalism blog, is featuring photos from an international clown convention in Mexico City. Basically, lots of people get together and dress as clowns. The photos are composed very well, and capture some of the more candid moments and emotions.

- After the events of a recent Yankees vs Rangers baseball game, the Rangers may have a $20,000 bill to pay. Petapixel has a story on a broken bat smashing the filter on a very expensive professional camcorder lens. What's even better is that the cameraman continued filming and started to frame the shots based on working around the smashed filter.

- Photographers won a big case a few days ago as the New York Civil Liberties Union settled a lawsuit confirming that photographers are allowed to record video and photos outside of a federal courthouse. Photographers have been running into problems taking pictures of federal buildings since the events of 9/11.

- Planet 5D has a story where musician John Mayer documents and talks about a day in his life using the Canon 5D Mk II. It's really quite an artistic piece, and the four minute short film details the little details down to the view from his room.

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Regarding the broken lens.... isn't that what insurance is for??