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Is Jeff Cable a smooth, Vegas-style crooner? A flügelhorn virtuoso? A singing cowboy? Nope. Jeff is a talented photographer and an excellent public speaker, and B&H has been fortunate to have him host a number of lectures at our Event Space. Recently, it came to our attention that the YouTube videos of his presentations have racked up nearly half a million views, which is impressive, considering that most of them are well over an hour in length. We decided to mark the occasion by sharing this collection of Jeff Cable’s Greatest Hits.

The Top Features of Photoshop that Every Photographer Should Know

In this presentation, Jeff walks you though the 15 most important features of Photoshop, and demonstrates how to retouch photos more effectively and efficiently. If this video was a song, it would likely be Jeff's number-one hit. And at one hour and fifty five minutes, it would be an incredibly long tune that somehow manages to keep you interested all the way through.

How to Photograph Events, and Make Money Doing It

In this video, Jeff shares valuable tips on how to optimally shoot Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and other events as a professional photographer. You'll learn how to make your clients happier, how you can have more fun doing it, while saving time and making your photography stand out from the crowd.

Shooting Great Portraits with the Minimal Amount of Gear

This presentation is geared for non-professional photographers. It takes you through the entire process of shooting great-looking portraits while traveling light. You'll learn how to pick great interior and exterior locations, creative lighting techniques, how to connect with your subject, and how to retouch your photos in post. 

The 15 Features of Your DSLR that Every Photographer Should Know

Most newcomers to digital photography can pick up a DSLR, put it in Automatic mode, and start shooting decent-looking pictures. However, there are a number of features on your camera that can really boost the quality of your work, and make you a more agile and adaptive shooter. Like the title states, this video will make you intimately familiar with 15 features of your DSLR. If you're already up to speed with some of these features, a community member over at B&H InDepth left a helpful comment that provides a Table of Contents of the subjects covered by this video.

Pixels After Dark: Shooting the Night

In this final entry, Jeff provides a wealth of tips and techniques for shooting pictures at night. It doesn't matter if you use a point-and-shoot or a high-end DSLR—this video is packed with helpful information for everyone. Jeff provides guidance on camera settings, editing techniques, the best time to shoot and much more.

Thanks for providing so such great information, Jeff. And thank you for checking out this B&H Insights post. You can keep up with Jeff at his blog and on Facebook.

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GREAT videos! Very well explained and funny too. I can't recommend them enough!

Jeff's videos are like a good book.  I have watched them more than once and plan to watch them again.  Excellent information and I pick up more each time I watch.  Thanks Jeff and B&H.