What Would You Shoot on the Last Roll of Kodachrome?


Steve McCurry was given the task of shooting the last roll of Kodachrome. But what if it were you? What would you shoot with one of the dying legends of photography? Think carefully, because the anticipation of not knowing if you nailed the shot perfectly would be very intense. If you didn't get every exposure perfectly, you might be letting down your predecessors, and many others.

Let us know in the comments below what you would shoot.

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Two Words: Paul Simon


If I were given the task of shooting the last roll of Kodachrome, I would try to capture random acts of kindness.

First of all I think it's worth mentioning the http://www.kodachromeproject.com/ and Dan Bayer. If you're a fan of Kodachrome (and who isn't) then you should check it out.

I think I would take photos of old grisly sailors standing next to their boats. The contrast between the yellow rain jackets / orange vest / red hulls / and stark water backgrounds would be beautiful.

 I would take pictures of a mirror, with a strong telephoto lens, trying as best as I can to photograph the last roll of kodachrome being exposed. I wonder if that would cause a blackhole?

Bears on Kodiak Island

 I've got half dozen to develop, and another half dozen to shoot of Kodachrome 64.

Archival is great..my family photos in archive have Kodachrome that was done in the 1950's and they look good.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, with lots of red suits (kodachrome is expecially good for reds). 

Basically i'd shoot photos of people who mean the most to me, special places that hold memories and things of nature to remind me of how valueable moments of life really are. I learned that recently after loosing my mother how there is times we need to do what we can to hold on to our memories and things that mean the most. Many times we forget that till its too late. We cant go back in time but we can preserve it.


 Paul Simon, my dog Ozzy, Kodak Employees, Steve McCurry, James Nachtwey, an RV park, NYC, and Carol Burnett.

Children, the film of the past capturing the future, and it is what I photograph best.

 New York on New Years Eve.

 I'd shoot it all in Sedona, Arizona.

haha  Paul Simon.  thats good.  Something Kodak related.  maybe the empty production facility??

Fall colors as contrasted to adjacent evergreens.

I'd shoot the sunrise in my home town, Scituate, Mass.  I'd capture the amazing red, orange and salmon colors in the sky as the comes up behind Scituate Light.

There's no better scene I can imagine for that last roll of Kodachrome.

Hmmmmm.....  Chris, you pose a very interesting question. It has given me pause for thought. Rather than trivialize the roll with photographs of interest limited to certain groups, I was thinking of using it to memorialize our moment in time. Assuming it's a roll with 36 exposures, my thinking at this moment in time is taking a photo or two exemplifying  each of the following: birth (life), death, love, hate, wealth, poverty, selfishness, kindness, war, peace, youth, old age, beauty, ugliness, city life, country life, belief, trust etc.... You get the picture (pardon the pun).

In any event, keep up the good work and keeping our interest by asking the questions that need to be asked.

Well, I guess it's my turn to talk.

I'd use the last roll of Kodachrome to document the effects of the recent recession on the American people and know that the images captured on that roll may have the power to influence others to help those less fortunate than many of us.

The photos from the last roll of Kodachrome are bound to go viral on the internet, then shared and re-shared in today's society. I see no reason not to use it for the betterment of mankind.

more women in the red dress: http://bit.ly/famousdress

I shot mu son in a red sweater on my last frames of Kodachrome. Hope it reached them ny noon today or it won't get processed!

 Already did. Streets of downtown Los Angeles.

I would not shoot, I would keep it as act of true respect, alongside my other "photographic materials of worship".
But, if I had the penultimate, I would try the same thing as "Ms. C.": acts of kindness.

I would photograph events that will not re-occur in my life time. The last eclipse comes to mind. The 36th exposure will include the text "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES".