What's Up with Nikon's Teasers?


Nikon recently released several videos and launched a dedicated page which hint at the introduction of a new camera body. Hard information about the new camera is nearly nonexistent. However, the videos contain an abundance of mood, and suggest that their new product will inspire the uninspired, and rekindle your love of "Pure Photography." What does it all mean?

The First Video: Pure Photography #1

The Second Video: Pure Photography #2

The Third Video: Pure Photography #3

The Fourth Video: Pure Photography #4

The Fifth Video: Pure Photography #5

The Sixth Video: Pure Photography #6

Do you know what's going on here? If you do, please let us know.

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Ah the soon to be released Nikon Df, back to roots supposedly :)

I believe that Nikon is gonna present a new line of cameras that focus just with photography and no videos.

Well it's not the first time we hear rumours that Nikon might release a retro looking mirrorless camera... can't wait to see how's gonna be like, awesome, for sure, expensive, possibly, a must have, will see!

Really interesting !!

My hope would be for a simpler DSLR.  I started serious photography with a Nikon F, without even a built-in meter. I eventually ran a part-time photo staff of more than 30 photographers, and all I had was a pair of F's, four prime lenses, and a flash.

While I work on and with computers all day, and have done so for decades, I feel like current DSLR's are more computer than camera. I miss a dial for a shutter speed and f/stop, and a focus ring. That's all we used to have-not even a zoom ring-and we took great pictures.

For my tastes, current cameras have too many buttons, knobs, levers, menus, and the like. I feel that they often get in the way of thinking about the picture.

So, what I am hoping for is a simplified DSLR, one that lets you concentrate on the picture, rather than worrying about some setting buried four levels deep in a menu.

I was able to freeze the video for a second and I think I read FX on the camera body.  The look of the thing echos the F series a bit.  I think...but we will find out soon!

F7 film SLR camera :-)

video three and video five, the lenses mounted on the body look identical to old ais lenses . . . silver ring and all.

probably a mirrorless body

will it be a "boutique" camera, or really a step forward?