Who Knew?: Bushnell Trophy Cam Digital Trail Camera


From within the deep, dark corners of B&H comes a very-little-known item. The Bushnell Trophy Cam Digital Trail camera is used to capture photos and video of wildlife, without scaring off the critter. Perfect for the creative-thinking wildlife enthusiast on a budget, it is very easy to install.

The Bushnell Tropy Cam Digital Trail has a fixed focal length f/3.1 lens, with autofocusing capabilities. The camera has a weatherproof design, for use in the wild. Perhaps most interesting is the 32-LED infrared flash, effective up to 49 feet away. Since the human eye can't see in the infrared spectrum, it is very useful for security purposes. Sizes of recorded images: JPEGs up to 8MP and AVI files up to 720x480.

Now here's the mind-blowing part: The camera can operate on a single set of lithium ion batteries for up to a year. Don't think, though, that you can just totally "set it and forget it"—it can only take up to 16GB SD cards, so after a while you will need to revisit and change the memory.

Have you used this item? How has it worked for you? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have images from it, share them with us.