Who Knew: A Candle in the Dark


It probably would not be smart of you to use these for a dinner with that special someone, but the Rosco Candles would be a nice choice for someone that wishes to simulate that dinner on stage or on camera. For a scene like that, you'd probably want to look at the Classic Single Candlestick. If you're going for a more old-time look, you'll want to grab one with a saucer. There's more: The Candelabra looks like something right out of Beauty and the Beast! There is also a bottle with a candle in it that looks reminiscent of what you may find in old seafaring adventures.

The hurricane lantern may be useful for those that are looking to do scenes from the 1800s or 1900s. Because of the olden, rustic look of the lantern, it exudes a character that makes it seem perfect for the wandering traveler on a dark and stormy night.

Each candle set is different, so whether you're looking to film scenes of cave exploration or trying to light the interior of a carriage, you're bound to be able to find it here.

Each of these units comes with a sturdy metal candlestick setting, candle tip, realistic stem with that dripping-wax look, and 4-foot wire leads for remote installation to a power source. Inside of each candle are two LED lights that turn on and off randomly to create a flickering effect. With a 12-hour battery life, they'll easily burn throughout the night, and well into the morning.

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