Working With Models


Whether you convince a friend to pose for the camera, or hire a model to bring an idea to life, working with a live model presents challenges that a photographer must be ready for, and not all of them involve using a camera. Using models as your subjects is a great way to get exciting images, but it can be intimidating if it’s your first time.

In this two hour presentation by Canon, Rick Berk outlines the dos and don’ts of working with models. Rick will show you how to find models, and what to do once you have them in front of the camera. Even if you have no aspirations of becoming a full-time fashion shooter, the insight gained from this presentation will benefit you in any situation involving live subjects.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Discussion 4

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I can't seem to view these videos on my Mac with Safari or Chrome.... 

We've found that the most effective browser for viewing is Firefox. Sorry about any difficulties you're having with other browsers. You can view the videos if you click here. You should land on a page with this video as well as thumbnails for the subsequent two.


Why not aim the video camera on the screen so we can see the images that are being discussed?

Thanks Rick for sharing these videos. Very informative.