YouTube Partners and B&H: Developing Better Content

What would you do if you were given a large sum of money to start your multimedia career? That's the question that is on the minds of many up-and-coming YouTube Partners with a growing fanbase and great content. Many of them traveled to New York City to attend the first YouTube Creator Camp after Google provided 25 of them with $35,000 to get a head start on advancing their careers. Plus, they all received $1,000 B&H Gift cards.


The content creators first started their tour at the B&H executive officers, where they were treated to breakfast and a special HDSLR training from our experts in one of our conference rooms.

Besides breakfast and the $1,000 gift card, each content creator was given a special gift bag put together by our marketing team.

Everyone in the Creator Camp is a young adult, and came from different backgrounds. Each creator also specializes in their own specific genre: some do travel videos, some do music, etc.

After a warm welcome and introduction from our very own Gabriel Biderman, Matt Sinclair went on to demonstrate and talk about various HDSLRs, rigs, microphones, lights, etc.

Matt and Gabe both spoke to a very packed conference room of content partners that paid very careful attention. After all, they'd need to use the money to figure out how to make their content better.

Matt talked about how the content partners could use different items to create better videos. For example, he explained apertures and depth of field—and how focusing on a particular subject can help to tell the story that they really want to get across to their audience. Beyond this, he also demonstrated using various Zacuto rigs, audio capture devices and lights. Many of the partners found his presentation on using gelled lights to be super interesting.

Many of the content partners took notes of what Matt was talking about for review later on and while in the store.

After the hour long presentation, they all headed into the SuperStore and went around to the various departments to explore. Many flocked to the Pro Video section while others went to the audio, lighting, and HDSLR counter on the second floor.

Many of the creators spent the majority of their time playing with the HDSLRs and learning more about what they could do. This involved pairing a camera with different lenses and observing the effects of each lens.

Many of the creators talked to our experts trying to gain as much knowledge as they could in the short amount of time they had to be at the SuperStore. Some of them already owned cameras like the popular Canon T2i but were considering upgrading after the presentation that Matt gave them. For example, a lot of them thought that the vari-angle LCD screen of the Canon60D and T3i could make filming much easier for them.

In particular DJ Monopoly and Sabrina Abu-Obeid, who are a two piece band called Terabrite, make music videos and create intros and outros to other videos. "The store blew my mind when I walked in, I thought it was going to be small," said DJ.

"It was like heaven for Youtubers...and camera people," said Sabrina. "I didn't know where to start. There's just so much stuff like cute little baby tripods, and so many lenses and full sensor cameras that we want."

Sabrina and DJ weren't the only ones who were astounded by the store and all the products that B&H has available to test. In fact, it seemed like everyone had questions that were answered by our experts. To be honest, many of them even asked me about my Olympus EP-2 as well.

Meghan Camarena, aka Strawburry 17, works with bands and artists to cross promote new music. She also turns the music into creative music videos. "This is what Charlie felt like when he went to the Chocolate Factory, so that's how I's like candy and amazing. I'm waiting to see if someone got caught in the conveyer belt like Augustus in Chocolate River," said Meghan. "but I'm having so much fun."

Josh Sundquist is a motivation speaker where he talks about his life, complains about girls, etc. He thought that the store was awesome. "As somebody who makes videos but is not an expert in video crafting this is very overwhelming; but in an exciting way," said Josh. "I'm really excited to spend my gift certificate.


Ethan Newberry, who is The Sampler on YouTube, does a lot of sketch comedy on his channel. He states that he likes to add a twist with motion graphics or special effects in his videos to make it a bit different. "I like to do comedy with a ginger twist since I'm a red head," says Ethan. "And I like to throw that in there whenever I can." Ethan continued to say that he plans to do most of his purchasing online vs traveling with a lot of the gear he wants to buy.

"It's so nice to have employees helping you pick items for your video creations. There's someone here to answer my questions about lenses and then I can purchase it later. You don't get that online and you can drop all the technical jargon that I want and they're like, 'oh yeah I totally understand you.'"

Peter Bragiel, who owns the PDrop channel on YouTube, produces and hosts a series called, "In Transit." They travel around the world using different modes of transportation. Recently they took public transportation from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal.

Peter thought that the store was amazing and was mostly interested in the HDSLR gear section. Admittedly, he owns some very good equipment already.

Then, there was the setup for this shot. I've honestly never before seen this many people in front of the B&H SuperStore pose for a photo. The YouTube Content Partners were all a really nice bunch of folks to talk with and help, and the fact that they were here for only such a short period of time just makes me want to take a look at what they'll do with all that money. It's almost like winning the lottery.

Update: Here's a quick video we made of the event.