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If Epson charged by the lumen and applied pico-projector rates, the new Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD Projector would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, it’s only a couple of hundred dollars more than a pocket projector, yet it puts out an astonishing (by pico standards) 2800 lumens. So, no, you don’t have to pull people into a black hole to see an image. And you can project a jumbo-size picture with a high-definition resolution of 720p (1280 x 800 WXGA) to boot. Okay, the projector does weigh five pounds and it won’t slip into a shirt pocket, but still, you could carry it in the type of shoulder bag you’d normally use to transport a laptop computer.

Whether you use it as a portable presentation device or attach it to the ceiling, the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD Projector will play to a medium- to large-size room even with ambient light invading the proceedings. It’s multimedia-savvy, too, since it can as easily accommodate a computer (PC or Mac) through a VGA connection or a Blu-ray Disc player or cable TV box via HDMI cable. You could even use a smartphone, tablet or games console as your source. (Connecting cables are not included.) Whether you’re giving a business presentation, teaching a class or enjoying a movie, the 710HD rises to the occasion. According to Epson, the projector is suitable for creating images up to 120 inches in size.

The 3LCD projector uses an energy-efficient E-TORL lamp that lasts up to 5,000 hours. The projector can be placed from 3.5 to 35.5 feet from the wall or screen. There’s a 1.2x optical zoom lens for increasing the size of the image and +/- 30 degrees auto vertical keystone correction so you can aim from above or below the center of the projection screen. If you need to lock down the projector in a public setting, there’s a provision of a Kensington-style Lock.

The 710HD contains a 2-watt mono speaker for serviceable audio, though for a permanent setup you’ll want to use your home theater speakers; for temporary setup, external speakers are helpful if you’re showing a movie. A remote control is included.

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Projection System Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology
Projection Method Front / rear / ceiling mount
Driving Method EPSON Poly-silicon TFT Active Matrix
Pixel Number 1,024,000 dots (1280 x 800) x 3
White Light Output 2800 lumens (ISO 21118 Standard)
Color Light Ouput 2800 lumens
Aspect Ratio 16:10 (Supports 4:3 and 16:9)
Native Resolution  720p (1280 x 800) WXGA
Resize 640 x 480 (VGA), 1024 x 768 (XGA), 1152 x 864 (SXGA), 1400 x 900 (WXGA+), 1440 x 900 (WSXGA), 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+), 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+), 1600 x 1200 (UXGA), 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Lamp Type 200 W UHE
Replacement Lamp V13H010L67
Lamp Life  ECO mode: Up to 5,000 hours
Normal mode: Up to 4,000 hours
Throw Ratio Range  1.30 – 1.56 (16:10) (16:9)
1.56 – 1.87 (4:3)
Size (projected distance) 3.5' – 35.5' (0.9 – 9.0 m)
Keystone Correction Automatic: Vertical: ±30 degrees
Manual: Horizontal Slide: ±30 degrees
Contrast Ratio  Up to 3000:1
Color Reproduction 16.77 million colors
Projection Lens  
Type Manual zoom / Manual focus
F-number 1.58 – 1.72
Focal Length 16.9 – 20.28 mm
Zoom Ratio Optical zoom 1.0 – 1.2
Display Performance  NTSC, 480 lines; PAL, 560 lines
Input Signal NTSC / NTSC4.43 / PAL / M-PAL / N-PAL / PAL60 / SECAM
Inputs Computer/Component video: D-sub 15 pin x 1
S-video: Mini DIN x 1
Composite video: RCA (Yellow) x 1
Audio in: RCA x 1 (White/Red)
HDMI port
USB connector: Type A x 1 (USB memory)
USB connector: Type B x 1 (display, audio, mouse)
Document camera
Speaker 2W monaural
Operating Temperature  41° to 95° F (5° to 35° C)
Power Supply Voltage 100 – 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption  ECO mode: 234W
Normal mode: 283W
Fan Noise  ECO mode: 29 dB
Normal mode: 37 dB
Security Kensington®-style lock provision
Padlock and security cable hole
Dimensions Including feet: 11.6" x 9.0" x 3.1" (W x D x H) 45 x 14.4 x 39.3 cm
Excluding feet: 11.6" x 9.0" x 3.0" (W x D x H) 45 x 13.7 x 39.3 cm
Weight 5.1 lb / 2.3 kg
Remote Control  
Features Source search selection, computer, video, USB, power, aspect, color mode, volume, e-zoom, A/V mute, freeze, menu, page up and down, help, auto, mouse functions
Operating Angle  Left / right: ±30 degrees, Upper / lower: ±15 degrees
Operating Distance 19' (6 m)

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Seems very impressive but why not 1080p HDMI ???

Okay person above.  If you want a 1080p projector, pay the $1000 bucks for it.   The 720p is enough that it looks awesome. The horozontal adjustment is so convenient nad unique for the price point category.  You can't get better for the price, period.  All of the dlp's have the rainbow effect - ugh. 5 Stars by my estimate!

Will this projector work well for a 150" 16:9 screen, or will performance suffer? If so, how?

Hello John -

For a 150" diagonal (12' W X  6' W) 16:9 aspect ratio screen this projector will need to be positioned approximately 15'  from the screen. There will be no appreciable loss of quality at this projection distance.  You would be well within the design paramaters of this projector's capabilities.

I purchased to 710 HD and was impressed w the images. The question I have is when viewing a movieinletterbox format for example, the area above and below the the actual picture is extremely bright. Is there a setting to allow the darkest setting for those areas outside of the picture frame area?

Hello Mike -

There is no specific setting - although you could switch to the ECO mode to lower the lamp output somewhat  -   effectively dimishing the glare you are experiencing.

Is there a significant quality difference between this unit and the 8350? Buying my first projector for a home theater and want to get it right. Mostly blue ray/football, some x-box. What do you think? Would you save the money and go with this one?

Hello Mike -

For watching BluRay movies and gaming you would be leaving a lot of resolution on the table with the 710HD.  The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 Projector is engineered with one purpose: putting high quality images on the screen.The heart of the system is a 3LCD optical engine which harnesses 2,000 ISO lumens at a crisp contrast ratio of a 50,000:1 backed by a native resolution of 1920 by 1080.  The Fujinon 2.1x zoom lens, a brand favored by cinematographers, fulfills the promise of these specs with brilliant screen images up to 1080p.  The 710HD has a maximum output of 720p and does not offer the same level of performance.  If you were watching broadcast TV only -  the 710HD would probably get the job done for you in admirable fashion.  But since your viewing includes higher resolution BluRay movies and gaming content -  you may not be saving any money at all as you might feel the images are not all they can be.

curious if anyone knows what kind of paint that should be used to finalize a proper viewing screen on a wall for this projector or any projector for that matter. Attempting to budget for a room specifically for a projector but would like to price out what I am getting into and I don't really want a projector screen.
Thank You for the responses.

I would recommend using the Goo Systems screen paint

Here is the link to their site to determine how much you will need for different screen sizes.

Screen Size Finder

At between 14-16 feet, what sorts of minimal/maximal image sizes (diagonal inches) would I be able to project with this?

Seems someone told me this has to do with the lens zoom ratio and that it isn't much to brag about on this machine?

Is there a formula used for this?

Alternatively, what distance need this projector be to display


At 14' the screen size is adjustable between: 127" and 153" diagonal. At 16' the screen size is adjustable between: 145" and 174" diagonal. I use the projector calculator located at Projector Central.

120" the distance would need to be 11'-13.3'

74"   the distance would need to be 6'10"-8'2"

I just got this projector and the only space I can put it the pic is too big a lot bigger than the one I replaced and I need help trying to change it I see the different resize options on here but how do I get it smaller while keeping it where it is? And zoom is as small as I can get it

Hi Chris:

The projected image size is dependent upon the throw distance of the projector and the zoom lens design.  It is unfortunate that you have maxed out the lens zoom range and are not able to physically alter the distance between the projector and the screen.  There really is no practical solution that I can offer other than returning and exchanging the projector if possible. In the future we will be happy to calculate the throw distance and corresponding image size for any projector so you have a workable system.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

I purchased this projector and absolutely love it. The picture is awesome for the price. The issue that I am having is connecting a sound bar to the projector. I have hooked everything up with the red/white and audio cables and I am not able to get any sound out of the speaker. Is there something in the settings on the projector that I need to set in order use the external speakers? Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi -

You projector has dual analog audio input ports on the rear of the cabinet that allow connection to an audio source via a left and right male RCA connector cable, so that audio may be routed to the projector's built-in speaker.  There is no audio output on the projector so connecting a speaker system or soundbar are not options. Your soundbar must be connected to the audio source (cable/satellite tuner box, DVD or Blu-ray disc player, etc.) directly.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

Just bought 710HD and love the quality of the pic but not the audio. I just read all these comments here regarding the audio output which 710HD has none. I did hook up my laptop to this projector to watch movie and I plug in the Bose speaker to my laptop (earphone) and there is no sound from the laptop. The HDMI sent the audio & video from laptop to projector. How else can I get the audio part to work using external speaker?

Hi Janice -

Use the VGA output on the computer and the VGA input on the projector to free-up the analog audio output for your Bose computer speaker. 

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

Its a great projector. My only issue is there is no audio out and I dnt like the 2 watt speakers im forced to use with the hdmi. Other than that great picture in daytime.