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With the purchase of a GigaPan EPIC Robotic Camera Mount through B&H, you are eligible for a free download of GigaPan’s Stitch.Efx stitching software. With the mount and software combined, you can create well-detailed, perfectly aligned, stitched-together imagery—easily and seamlessly. These two components work together in harmony to produce panoramic imagery that is void of the color, vignetting and alignment defects that are common when manually stitching together multiple images on your own.

Stitch.Efx provides you with an easy-to-navigate interface, offering you a wealth of tools to not only stitch together images but also perform general image adjustments. The main benefits of integrating these two manners of image manipulation into a single process are more seamless-looking images and a faster overall process versus having to work in separate programs. When working with the adjustment tools, you can adjust blacks and whites to extend their values; gamma to modify the overall contrast and grey tones of your image; exposure to compensate for over or under-exposed imagery; temperature to render the correct or desired white balance; tint to change the green to magenta values; and saturation to enhance the overall appearance of colors or to convert an image entirely to grayscale. 

Stitch.Efx’s main purpose is to work with large file sizes. Since most images are composed of numerous individual images, these color and exposure adjustments are done at interactive rates, in order to offer live feedback and preview of changes before committing a final adjustment. In regard to specific issues surrounding blending images together, this software also provides automatic correction for vignetting. If photographing with a specific lens setup, some images will exhibit slight vignetting that will not be too noticeable with singular images; however, when combined to create a larger composite image, the vignetting becomes more noticeable as it will be throughout the center of the image. Stitch.Efx will reduce the appearance of vignetting in individual frames to create a more seamless-looking final image.

With a robust set of automatic tools for stitching together your imagery, Stitch.Efx also affords you manual control to oversee the final look of your image in more creative ways. Once your single images have been loaded into the program, you can rearrange and composite the final image as you like. Additionally, this software supports the use of your own blending masks, as made by hand in other photo-editing programs, and then fluent integration into the final compositing. This is ideal for images taken of people or moving subjects in which you want to control the appearance of a specific subject in regard to its own background, or the global image adjustments you are making to the composited image.

At its heart, Stitch.Efx’s main purpose is to allow you to combine up to several hundred images into one seamless panoramic image. The program can complete this task quickly and easily, with rendering times being significantly less compared to other photo editing programs. When stitching, after inputting your desired images, you work through a three-part process including alignment, projection and blending.

The alignment process takes the images and determines the specific regions and pixels that need to overlap in order to create the most seamless appearance. The projection step then takes these determinates and guidelines and will stretch and rotate individual images into the overarching composition. Finally, the blending process takes this composite and smoothes out transitions and seams between images to produce a fluid, single image. 

Multitasking is also possible when working with the software, allowing you to upload, export, view and stitch imagery all at the same time, with minimal lag times. For saving your completed stitches, you can export compositions as a single file in the TIFF, DNG or KRO file formats for further fine-tuning with other image editing programs or for printing or sharing. When sharing your images through GigaPan’s website, upload times are now three times faster, too, and the software will provide an accurate display of uploading progression and estimated time of completion.

This software is a valuable and powerful tool for photographers compositing individual images into seamlessly stitched-together panoramic photos. Compared to GigaPan’s basic-level software, Stitch 2.0, Stitch.Efx gives you the same stitching capabilities, but adds the image rearrange, projected image saving and color adjustment features as mentioned. Stitch.Efx provides this suite of image-adjustment tools in an intuitive interface with improved operating and rendering speeds to effectively give you more control and time to work with your imagery.

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