Anywhere Credit Card Terminal


Sales don't always take place behind a store counter. In a wireless world, it's possible to check the validity of someone's intended credit card purchase from any place on earth in range of cell phone or Wi-Fi reception. The Macally SwipeIt Secure Credit Card Terminal is a one-pound accessory for an iPhone or iPod touch that lets you process payments from under a roof or out in the sun on the piazza.

Applications are too numerous to count but suppose, for instance, you're an artist set up at the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit (right). As long as you've downloaded the free Swipe It Reader app from the iTunes Store and you have your iPhone or iPod touch with Internet access hooked into the Macally SwipeIt Secure Credit Card Terminal, you'll be able swipe a customer's credit card, tap in the purchase amount, and have the customer sign the screen. (See the iPhone screen shots below.) Anyone in sales who travels, runs a booth at a flea market, or sets up a table at a convention or street fair can benefit from having a wireless terminal at their fingertips.