CES 2015: LG UG9400 Quantum Dot Television


If wide color spaces and life-like color saturation are high on your priority list, you were likely very happy to see LG unveil the UF9400 series 4K LED TV at this year's International CES. Sporting Quantum Dot backlight technology, this LED TV is engineered to produce enhanced color reproduction when compared to standard LCD televisions, thanks to its higher color range. Quantum Dot nano crystal film technology can also positively impact image brightness. The inclusion of an In-plane switching (IPS) panel allows you to enjoy the TV's optimized picture quality from a variety of viewing angles. Additionally, this display is rightfully opposed to motion blur, as it incorporates a notable 240Hz refresh rate.

To complement this model's 3840 x 2160 resolution, the UF9400 series features LG's TRU-4K Upscaler technology. This video-processing algorithm works behind the scenes to upscale your lower-resolution video sources to conform to the TV's native resolution—this also includes 720p and 1080p content. While Quantum Dot technology's color reproduction stole the show, this TV also includes an improved webOS 2.0 user interface. This Smart TV interface is designed to be more intuitive, with an estimated 60 percent faster boot time than previous implementations.

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