Winegard Pathway X1 and X2 Antennas with ViP 211z Receiver Go Outdoors


 Winegard Pathway X2 Antenna with ViP 211z Receiver

Take your Dish Network content outdoors with the Winegard Pathway X1 and X2 antenna and receiver combinations. Both antenna kits include the Dish ViP 211z receiver. This receiver supports high- and standard-definition content, and is equipped with HDMI and RCA audio and video outputs for connecting to a variety of external displays. They are also compatible with Dish's pay-as-you go service, which allows you to enjoy programming without a contract or commitment. Additionally, you can add these bundles to your existing Dish Network programming package.

When it comes to setup and installation, the X1 and X2 offer the convenience of automatically acquiring satellite signals. The X2 antenna has the ability the access all Dish Satellites in the United States, covering the western and eastern arc. While the slightly smaller X1 antenna is only compatible with western arc satellites, it offers the advantage of being compatible with Winegard's Roof Mount Conversion Kit. This allows you to mount the X1 antenna for permanent placement. Both the X1 and X2 are also tripod compatible for sturdy outdoor placement.

Winegard Pathway X1 Antenna with ViP 211z Receiver