It’s cow related, but what is it?

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What is a pinhole? 

Turn table slip mat

Moo Matt

this is a record made to look like it was made from Holstine hide.

Mooo Mat

Turntable pad

Cow skinned turntable cover

It's an anti-static mat for a record player.

Turntable mat.

Turntable slipmat

Not one reader in a thousand will get this, but, if you are a former physicist with a scientific sense of humour, then you will instantly recognize this as the legendary spherical cow.

For the rest of you, look it up. I am NOT blowing smoke. The spherical cow is a tradition in theoretical physics.

Well, it is, where I come from...

A cowboy's iPad skin

Cow hide - Holstein Friesian cattle - not sure about the hole...

It's an anti-static moo-mat!  used to eliminate static buildup and dampen a record on a turntable:

Butter Rugs Turntable

This is a close up of a Holstein cow. 

I grew up on a dairy farm with Holstein cattle.

Record Turntable cover

Cow hide is used on top of a turntable to remove static buildup on vinyls and as a really cool decoration 

In New Zealand we call them black & whites - its a cross breed cattle beast and what we are looking at is a zoomed in portion of its hide / hair

I grew up on a dairy farm with Holstein cows, and not a single one of them had a perfectly round hole in them, anywhere.