Something New for the Pro: Leica M9-P


Leica has announced the newest addition to its lineup of legendary “Digital M” cameras, the Leica M9-P, as in “Professional.” The new camera shares almost all of the technical attributes of the standard Leica M9 including an 18.5MP CCD sensor, RAW(DNG)+JPEG still capture, compatibility with virtually all Leica M-series optics from 16mm to 135mm and the pleasure of shooting with an intuitive,  no-nonsense  classic picture-taking machine.

The key difference between the M9 and M9-P has to do with an extra measure of stealth for the new camera, due to the absence of that red Leica badge and the engraved “M9” on the front of the M9-P’s face plate. (The Leica signature is instead engraved on the camera’s less-visible top plate.)

The other difference between the standard M9 and pro version M9-P, which will be available in a choice of silver chrome or lower-reflective matte black paint, is the incorporation of a tougher, scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal LCD in the new model.