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Bower Smartphone LED Video Light

Over the past several years, the quality of smartphone video has evolved from passable to superb. Modern-day devices have sensors that can record in 4K resolution and multiple microphones for stereo, noise-reduced audio. In low-light environments, however, they still rely on one or two LEDs for illumination. The Bower Smartphone LED Video Light offers a brighter, better way to capture your subjects. Its array of 50 LEDs provides far more powerful, even light for your scene than your device’s stand-alone light. At one centimeter thick, it’s small enough to fit in a pocket, and eight brightness levels let you fine-tune your lighting.

The light can be held separately as a fill or off-angle light, or it can be attached to your phone with the included adapter with ¼"-20 threaded hole. A cold-shoe adapter converts it for DSLR mounting, and it can be attached to any standard tripod screw. For even more versatility, three filters are included: orange for adding warmth, blue for cooling, and white for diffusing. The battery lasts for up to 18 hours and charges via an included micro-USB cable.

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