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Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition Augmented Reality Glasses

Sony has released its own pair of augmented reality glasses: the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition. This augmented reality device employs holographic waveguide technology to project a green monochromatic overlay onto its 3mm thick, highly transparent lenses, giving you a wealth of useful information in a heads-up display format. When connected to your smartphone, you can use the SmartEyeglass to navigate your surroundings, view location-based tweets, control your smartphone with voice commands, translate in real time, and much more.

The SmartEyeglass is connected to a touch sensor that lets you navigate its onscreen menus. It also features a built-in 3MP camera, speaker,  microphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, and several other features designed to deliver a fully immersive augmented experience.

Because this is the Developer Edition, you can create your own apps for the SmartEyeglass. The included devkit includes a smartphone emulator, sample code, guides, API references, and support information. Apps can be created for everything from real-time sport stats to hands-free instructions for assembly projects or technical assistance. The Sony SmartEyeglass is available now. 

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This looks great! How does it fit for those with corrective glasses? I'm not one that wants to switch to contacts.

Hi Ralph -

Judging from the design and fit of  the Sony SmartEyeglass, wearing them with eyeglasses would not be comfotable or recommended.

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