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Unveiled: LG Urbane Watch Update

Users of the iPhone received some good news today as Google announced iOS support for its popular Android Wear smartwatch operating system. While iOS users looking for some wearable goodness could only choose between Apple Watch variants, they will now be able to select from a wide variety of Android watches that feature always-on notifications, fitness tracking, reading, and replying to Gmail messages, Google Now, SMS reading, and more. They’ll be compatible with the iPhone 5 and newer running at least iOS 8.2.

While the closed nature of iOS means that some features, like third-party app stores and stand-alone Wi-Fi support, will be absent, you’ll still enjoy the major benefits of Android Wear. Moreover, a vastly wider selection of devices makes your wearable experience that much more customizable: iOS support is coming available to the LG Watch Urbane, as well as all future Android Wear devices.

Currently, more than half a dozen Android Wear smartwatches are released yearly, and as wearables become more popular, that number is expected to grow. You can find them with square or round faces, a variety of materials, and finished in nearly every color of the rainbow with a range of different features and displays. And with prices spanning from $150 to $800, there’s an Android Wear watch to fit every budget. 

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