Apple Announces 128GB iPad with Retina Display


Since its inception, the storage capacity of the iPad has always topped out at 64GB. Even with additional storage options, such as online cloud storage via iCloud, some people began running out of space by downloading HD videos, photos and music. Well, Apple has taken notice and has now doubled the storage capacity of the 4th-generation iPad with Retina Display to 128GB. Apple hasn’t mentioned any other hardware or dimensional changes, so the increased storage seems to be the major upgrade.

It also seems that Apple hopes that the higher-capacity iPad with Retina Display will make more of an impact in the business market. It’s no secret that Apple has been trying to push the iPad as a viable work device over the past few years with apps such as iWork. In their press release, Apple mentioned how the 128GB iPad could handle large data files, such as 3D CAD files, X-rays, film edits, music production, project blueprints and even training videos, as well as service manuals. They also mention certain apps, such as AutoCAD WS, Auria and GamePlan, with certain business potential.

Starting February 5, you’ll be able to pick up the Wi-Fi only version of the 128GB iPad with Retina Display in white or black. The Wi-Fi + Cellular version (also available in black or white) will have a slightly higher price tag. Currently, Verizon and Sprint have both confirmed that they will be carrying the 128GB iPad with Retina Display. AT&T hasn’t confirmed yet, but it’s presumed that they will also carry it.

Will you be upgrading to the 128GB iPad with Retina Display? How do you think the iPad would fare as a device for business? What other features would you like to see Apple add to the iPad? Let us know in the Comments section, below!

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All it needs now is a true multitasking OS more like a Mac, a Wacom digitizer and USB without using the camera kit. I have an iPad 1 and I don't see why I should upgrade it to something that's just as limiting in terms of serious productivity. I don't care if its thicker and heavier, I want an Apple manufactured Modbook! Maybe an iPad pro?

I welcome the 128GB iPad. Really can be a helpful device on the go for everything. Now, third parties are producing lot more stuffs compatible with iPads, like photographing stuffs and techs. The capacity was a constraint but not now anymore. Apple should not only keep the higher spec but also should produce an entirely evolutionary iPads at reasonable cost. iPads are now a prestigious device in most of all the industries.