Join a Winning Team of Writers and Quality Assurance Specialists


B&H Photo prides itself on having a knowledgeable staff of product experts who deliver great, useful information and service to our customers. We write about many of the products you want, need, and purchase from our SuperStore in New York City. As our Web division expands even further, we'll continue to reach millions of customers in countries around the globe.
We are currently recruiting full-time, on-premise web content writers and quality assurance specialists to help further establish our domain as true experts in our fields. While previous experience in either writing or proofreading is essential, it’s preferable that the candidates be highly knowledgeable in the following disciplines:
Professional Audio
Professional Video
Bags and Cases
Home Entertainment
Portable Entertainment
To apply, click on the links below and include a writing sample or link, if available.

Senior Photography - Writer

Senior Video Pro - Writer

Technical - Content Writer -Computers Home/Portable Entertainment Products

Web Content-QA Product Expert