New Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera


Make way for the new Nikon D4 digital SLR camera. This baby boasts an FX-format 16.2-megapixel CMOS Sensor for superior image quality. Its large 3.2" ultra-sharp 921,000-dot LCD monitor features automatic brightness control, adjusting visibility based on the environment to ensure bright, clear playback, menu browsing and Live View shooting.


The LCD gives you the power to enlarge images up to 46X for focus confirmation. EXPEED 3 optimized for still image and HD video capture ensures high color fidelity, fine tones and a high, expandable dynamic range. A quicker, more responsive 51-point autofocus system captures subjects in your choice of two ways: With the points working like a net to capture subjects in motion or concentrating on achieving pinpoint accuracy.

For challenging conditions and situations, the Nikon D4 allows you to drop from the standard ISO 100 down to ISO 50 equivalent, or conversely, increase sensitivity up to ISO 204800 equivalent. Wow. Shoot with confidence under virtually all lighting conditions. Enjoy full 1080p HD broadcast quality video at 30 or 24 fps in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC HD format, and record clips up to 29 minutes 59 seconds long. You can also see simultaneous Live View output on external monitors and record uncompressed video courtesy of the HDMI terminal.

Not one, but two Live View shooting modes are at your fingertips: Photography Live View and Movie Live View. Easily confirm exposure, white balance, monitor hue, histogram, focus mode, AF area mode and focusing accuracy. Nikon has separated flash compensation and exposure compensation in this camera to give you greater creative control.

You’re also sure to appreciate the dedicated Nikon Picture Control Button offering six preset options: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Landscape and Portrait for still images and video. You also get nine customizable settings offering sophisticated and personalized color control. Time-lapse shooting enables you to capture a broad scope of subjects at blazing-fast speed. Face detection via the optical viewfinder and detailed scene analysis with the 91K-pixel RGB sensor allow for superb auto exposure, auto white balance detection, AF performance and i-TTL flash exposure.

The D4 sports an extremely durable magnesium alloy body with weather sealing, so you can confidently expect peak performance even in harsh environments. The camera’s shutter has been put to the test and has proven to be good for 400,000 cycles at extreme continuous burst rates over extended periods of time—so you need not worry about that, either.

The Nikon D4 is compatible with the WT-5A wireless transmitter: Transmit images to an FTP server or computer via Image transmission mode. In PC mode, operate the D4 with Camera Control Pro 2. There’s also an HTTP mode, enabling you to use a Web browser on your computer or smart phone, display thumbnails of images stored in the camera’s memory cards, or create slide shows, view images, manipulate simple camera controls for remote shooting, or even start live view shooting, including video recording.

A true power saver, the D4 runs on the new, compact and high-capacity EN-EL18 rechargeable Li-ion battery. You can count on extended battery life and the ability to capture roughly 2,600 images on a single charge. Convinced yet?  We look forward to getting our hands on a new D4 soon.

Nikon also released a New Nikkor AF-S 85mm f-1.8G read the announcement about this latest lens.

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All I can say is wow!  I am definitely in line for this one.  I am also extremely excited about finally being able to record video via an uncompressed clean HDMI out.  That's a HUGE game changer for those of us who use HDSLRs for video.  

Currently I have been using the D7000 for stills/video and the HD video compression is less to be desired for anything more than local or online video presentation.  Of course the stills are absolutely beautiful.  That's what the camera is for after all.  :)

SAMPLES OF D7000 video:

Always Canon is superior. Much better then Nikon, specially with image quality.

On what planet?

From a video point-of-view i'd buy a f100 or af100 in a heartbeat before spending 5K+ for

this camera. How ever i'm sure it is a great still camera I have been working with a 1D II

and love it at still less than 5K. Who knows this may be a pre-active response to more

of the up-coming C series camera's from Canon.

Wrong way to go Nikon. Going down 8 MP and adding 1080 video? Please, The majority of people who want high end pro dslrs do NOT want video capabilities in their cameras. Just because the average consumer wants an all in one package, doesn't mean the rest of us do. You are alienating a certain group of people... The more crap you add onto a camera or anything, the more likely something will not work properly. I thought the 24.5MP D3X was the best on the market. This is a huge disappoinment in my opinion. What is that thud we heard? The sound of Nikons being dropped off at the local camera shop for a trade in to upgrade to Canons.. 

Nikon may have lost me as a lifelong owner of equipment. This is supposed to be the breakthrough? Maybe a D4X is in the works and will have a bigger censor.. But this D4 is just lame and sad.

What application do you need 24+ MP? I have 16 now and it is way too much for what I do. Have you ever seen what even a 10MP image looks like in life comparison?

And you want a bigger sensor? I'm not so sure you read the specs on this camera... A bigger sensor would be a whole new line than Nikon or even Canon offers- Hasselblad Medium Format.

Video may not be for you, don't buy this camera. Or don't use the video function. I know DSLR owners who have never used the video capabilities because they don't need to. Hell, I know other owners and keep their stuff on AUTO all of the time.

Your opinion is discredited by your ignorance.

It's not like the D3X was discontinued. Still IS one of the best cameras on the market and clearly if you don't intend on using a video function, don't buy this. Your efforts to drop a camera company and all the glass you may own are reminiscent of a child complaining about a new toy while all the toys he still loves are right behind him.

There is a large worldwide market and Nikon have responded to the requirements of professional photographers globally. 

Video and Still can go together very well, in war zones having both in one camera has been a huge advantage. At the London Olympics still camera men will be able to take video just as easily as getting a still. Any pro camera needs to meet the needs of a very diverse set of users few may use all of the features, many will only master those they need or understand.

Dismissing a launch of a new camera which uses the advances of the intervening years to upgrade functionality is very short sighted.

If the size of the sensor is a key factor for you then move up to the Hasselblad H4D-200MS’s "amazing 200 million-pixel resolution brings unprecedented detail and resolution to your still life and studio photography". 

if you're complaint is only about megapixels, canon's new flagship DSLR, the 1Dx, is 18MP, down from 21mp of the 1Ds. so even canon is heading towards a more reasonable MP count in favor of larger sensor pixel size for high ISO/low light performance.  and if you just need high MP for studio work, then there is still the D3X. 

and even if there will be a D4X or something else in the Nikon full frame pipeline that has a higher MP count in the future, it won't have a bigger sensor (not "censor"). the lenses have an imaging area that covers a full frame sensor, not something bigger. 

further more, your complaint about the additional video capabilities and "more crap..add onto a camera" will lead people to buy canons doesn't make much sense. like it or not, the features that both companies keep introducing are response to users as well as what the other one is doing. sorry to tell you, but you will see video and other "crap" features when you "upgrade" to a canon.

it just sounds like you've never owned a full frame Nikon OR Canon, but just like to complain for no good reason.

Maybe I could sell a kidney and some limbs to buy it.

Tooo much $$$$ !   You kidding or what ?

No one has ever asked me to shoot stills AND video. They hire a video person AND a still person. Having a camera that does both must be for a "special use group" ... non-pros that think they need both, or corporate HR types who think they'll need both (but don't). I just hope they don't replace the D3 with this thing. Another example of how Nikon is amatuer consumer driven. Really, do you Need this - I think not!

Looks great.  I am glad I didn't go with the D3s.  But why did they go with the XQD card?  Sony is the only one who makes them!!!

It looks great.  Glad I didn't get the D3s-  But why does it use the XQD card?  Sony is the only one who makes them.....

Nikon is pricing itself out of the market, look at sony nex7 for example, have no interest in 16mp at that price

You can't compare the NEX7 to the D4. The D4 is a professional camera with professional image quality. Period.

Thanks but no thanks.  I shoot both Nikon and Canon but at this time I'd rather get 3 5D Mk IIs for the price of this.  I'll wait for a year or two.

I've worked with Nikons for over 4 years now and believe them to be the mercedes of cameras.

I would love to buy this but 6 grand$$$$.  Nikon, come on!!!

Ill have to wait for it to drop around 4,000.

C'mon guys.  For a lot less you could get a real professional video camera that uses XLR audio and mega controls over the image.  This is nothing buy hype for folks with more money than brains.

Panasonic, Sony, Canon make awesome video cameras in the $$$$$ range.  You get more for a lot less.

And the ergonomics of the camera for video are ridiculous without adding another $5,000 in hardware to make it more "video usable".  And only 30 minute shoot time?  At 3 pounds, weight for this SLR is obscene.

oh wow very nice..... let me sale a kidney for that 6 grand price tag.

What is the buffer size? If I can shoot 10/11 fps, how many shots before I have to pause for the buffer to dump to a memory card? This info is not provided in the D4's tech specs.

Send me a sample....I'll tell ya what I think...D90 ?  D5100 ? or this ?

Hey, it is $6K for the body, so it is a comparative bargin to the D3... hope it is up to snuff.

It appears one has a choice, either buy this camera or send the kid to college. 

Why did they limit the resolution to just 16?  Hardly better than the D300

Gee it isn't a bit complex is it? It has something like 22 buttons to work with!!! At first glanse it look cool but to me it is over done with controls(buttons). Why does everyone offer picture style buttons anyway? How often do you change your picture style setting?

i so wanted this last year... will order it today ..

Ive been wanting to upgrade my D2Sx, and looked at the D3s really closely.  Glad I waited.  Wow the stats on this camera are incredible.  Got to visit my friendly banker now.



So Nikon finally joins the race with a true competitor

I am so glad to see this from what use to be the standard of photography.


wow WHAT AN AWESOME CAMERA This looks to be my next option I am in the market for another camera I think thisis the one for me.thank you Nikon for being the Best .


I think I need a cold shower!

I own a D2X and D3, I am glad i didn't buy the D3S, this may be worth replacing my D2x for weddings

What is the price tag for the D$??!!!

Me Wants One!!

What about the auto-focus on video mode? I can't believe that simple cameras, like d5100, d7000 have it and the newest top professional D4 doesn't. What did you thought about that?

Im looking to bye a D7000 is it a good camera i usally bye canon but really like the picture quality i see with nikon? I have a canon 7D and dont think im really  happy with it

Maybe the D4x will have 16 bit processing and be at least 24 meg. They can keep the video and extreme high ISO as an even trade.

I'd rather have 16 bit processing over video any day.

Very unhappy about the lack of video features. NO 60P, NO RAW CAPTURE. Not going to buy it.

Super camera,

I'd consider jumping ship if I could justify the cost ...

Let's see how this youngig will measure up against the new Canon beast. Looking forward to it!!!

Did they say anything about when they start shipping?

I'm not worthy.

This feature overview is nice, I guess, but I didn't see any truly "new" feature or new technology to make this model worthy of a full upgrade . . . from the D3s to the D4s.  Maybe  a D3.3.

I am a professional photographer and I work in National News Agency "AGERPRES" in Romania. I've always worked with Nikon and am glad to hear that a new model appears on the market. I'm curious how good it is and I would be happy if I could I could make a comparison between my current Nikon Nikon D4 and D3.
We kindly inform me how to test the new Nikon D4 and can I purchase a light kit consists of the box and required objectives. Also I would like to find and prices.
With thanks and all the best Alexandru Tudor

This sucker weighs nearly THREE POUNDS!  And that, if I read the specs correctly, is BEFORE attaching a lens.  Are Nikon and B&H offering a complimentary weight-lifting course with every purchase?  Nikon is indisputably the Mercedes of digital cameras, but you don't need to lift a Mercedes in order to drive it. 

I like the look of this Camera. And for video it ups the anti on the Canon 5D even though its twice the price with a smaller chip. Does Auto focus works while shooting video though? - that would be killer.

5D 5616 x 3744 pixels

D4 4.928 x 3,280 pixels

my money is still staying with Nikon though... can't touch the high iso performance

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