New Trio of Onkyo iOS Docks

Hi-fi specialist Onkyo has unveiled a pair of speaker docks for iPod and iPhone and a bass-enhanced dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad. The former are expected in November; the latter is available now.

The Onkyo ABX-100 iOnly Play Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone features a flat-back exterior, brushed-aluminum base and cover and dimmable foot lighting. Pop an iPod touch or iPhone into its center pocket and the iOnly Play reveals an easy-to-read graphical LCD directly below your device. The more expensive iOnly Stream ABX-N300 adds Internet radio and home network-streaming capabilities to those found on the iOnly ABX-100.

If you’re looking for a speaker dock that can also accommodate an iPad, Onkyo has the SBX-300 iOnly Bass Speaker Dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad. With 40 watts of total power output and dual four-inch woofers, this is a dock that rocks. Unlike the built-in pocket on the ABX-100 and ABX-300 models, the SBX-300 contains a slide-out dock with flexible connector. It also offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a 3.5mm analog audio input jack and a solid aluminum handle. The SBX-300 is app-enhanced via a free download from the iTunes App Store.