Novation's Twitch Touchstrip DJ Controller


The new Novation Twitch DJ controller is an innovative DJ software control surface and audio interface that offers a relatively small footprint and a mountain of power. It ships with a copy of Serato’s ITCH DJ software, but it’s just as capable of a controller for Native Instrument’s Traktor DJ software (a graphic overlay for Traktor is included in the box). Fans of Ableton Live will also appreciate the extended compatibility Twitch has to offer, especially when this year’s software update brings The Bridge capability to ITCH users (The Bridge will enable you to use Ableton Live and Serato ITCH at the same time, synced on one computer). This software update is due sometime in the next few months.

The most striking feature on the Twitch is its two illuminated ribbon touch controls, which take the place of traditional DJ-style platters. The ribbons offer a lot of flexibility for the way they enable you to interact with the software, and their cool-looking interactive LED lights just beckon your fingertips to tweak them. And speaking of sweet-looking LED lights, the Twitch also features two banks of eight backlit trigger pads on each channel. These are used for a number of performance-related features, and you can bet that mapping out the kick, hats and snare of an 808 is one of them. The audio interface on the Twitch is no slouch either, with balanced TRS master outs, dual headphone outputs (1/8" and 1/4"), and a mic input.

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