Darkroom: Paper Safes


A paper safe can save time, effort and the cost and aggravation of having to replace a box of fogged photo printing paper. Imagine going into the darkroom to make ONE print and having to open a brand new box of printing paper. Just as you open it, someone comes in to your darkroom and turns on the room light! There goes your box of paper. A paper safe allows you to take a selected number of sheets out of the original packaging, stash them in the safe, and reseal your original box where it can be put out of harm's way. A safe will also allow you to go through a printing session and save your prints to process at a later date—or perhaps transport them to another site for processing.

In a perfect world, you should have several paper safes, each labeled and holding a different kind or size of paper. Most safes are inexpensive and made of plastic. They are also stackable. Larger, fancier safes are available on the used market that may resemble small safe deposit vaults. These may contain shelves or other compartments. A paper safe is another darkroom convenience that may not only save you time and space but also prevents the heartache of ruining an entire box of printing paper.

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