10 Gadgets for Secret Agents


When a secret agent picks up a new piece of gear, it isn’t an impulse purchase from SkyMall Magazine or some bargain-basement version of what he needs for an upcoming mission. Saving the world in style requires gadgetry of hi-tech and low-tech varieties. Whether you're a professional spy, a hobbyist or a daydreamer, here are ten pieces of gear we think shadow-dwelling undercover operatives and gear nerds would be thankful to have on their next "mission."

Editor's Note: This post was written by Joshua Kleiner

Avangard Optics HD USB Pen Camera

For note taking missions, to help you catch every word. Record up to one hour of HD video and audio, recharge the built-in battery and transfer files using its discreetly integrated USB port.

Eton Scorpion Solar-Powered Light

Radio, flashlight, bottle opener, clock, device charger and more—this weather-resistant multi-purpose device offers versatility when you need it most. Charge it via 6V DC power, or by using its built-in solar panel or hand crank.

KJB Security DVR290 Covert Camera Glasses

If a pen camera doesn't fit your undercover recording needs, this pair of somewhat-trendy-looking camera glasses may work for you. A 2MP camera, concealed within the nose bridge of black plastic-framed specs, is capable of capturing photos and HD videos; it has 8GB of flash memory, and can continuously record up to 1.5 hours on a single charge.

Doxie Flip Mobile Flatbed Scanner

Scan documents and photos on the go. Capture 4x6” images with up to 600 dpi resolution, and stitch multiple scans together using included software. Scan documents in as little as 7 seconds, and get up to 200 scans from four AA batteries.

senseFly eBee Drone

Why rely on reconnaissance satellites when you can create aerial maps using a lightweight drone that packs into a space slightly larger than a briefcase? Map up to a 10 sq km area in a single flight, and create a topographic map with details as fine as 5 cm. Flight planning, 3D mapping and automatic landing are all controlled by eBee software. Your personal drone can be launched by hand, and is capable of automatically landing itself.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

When your line of work calls for you to routinely exit aircraft before they land, you need to carry a computer that can keep up with your rough-and-tumble lifestyle. 

Casio ProTrek PRW3000

Loaded with functions befitting secret agents and adventurers alike, Casio’s sensor-packed solar-powered timepiece is a digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer, encased within an extremely temperature-tolerant housing. Looks pretty handsome too…

Minox DCC Camera

This form-meets-function icon fits in the palm of your hand, captures 14MP images, features a vintage rangefinder design, and has an f/2.4 lens that is great for low-light photography.

Freehands Power Stretch 5-Finger Liner

Conductive fingertips, silicone screen palm, 4-way Polartec stretch material. Use your smartphone and tablet without removing your gloves. Enough said.

GhostBlind Industries 6-Panel Runner Blind

Why outfit your camouflage suit with branches and leaves when you can set up this lightweight blind in a matter of seconds? No matter the season or terrain, this 6-panel mirrored blind can make a covert operative, photographer or hunter practically disappear into the landscape.

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cool article. think i'll do me some spying

I think that these items are REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I especially like the glasses!!!!!!!!!!!