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Welcome to the Tiffen Filter Effects Directory! The directory is your interactive guide to 16 popular Tiffen filters. Here you can see, first hand, the effects a particular Tiffen filter has on an image by selecting a specific filter and then using your mouse to position the filter around the image.

There are those who say that you can simulate the effects of any filter when you use post-processing software, but many of us know that creating the effects organically, with a filter, provides the most true effect for your images. It also alleviates the need to spend hours in front of the computer trying to simulate an effect that you captured in a fraction of a second using a filter.

Tiffen Filters

Featured in the directory are the following filters:

  • Black Diffusion/FX 3
    • Diffuses light to produce a glowing, ethereal, dream-like quality to photographs.
  • Black Pro-Mist 3
    • Reduces the value of highlights while slightly lowering the overall contrast to smooth facial wrinkles and other blemishes.
  • Bronze Glimmerglass 3
    • Imparts a bronze tint across the image while softening skin details and blemishes. The front of the filter sparkles to instill more confidence in the model.
  • Center Spot 3
    • Allows you to maintain a sharp, clear center focus while softening the perimeter of the frame.
  • Digital Diffusion/FX 3
    • A nearly invisible softening and diffusion filter that offers virtually no flare or loss of contrast for more subtle applications.
  • Glimmerglass 3
    • Softens skin details and blemishes while producing glowing highlights. The front of the filter sparkles to instill more confidence in the model.
  • Gold Diffusion/FX 3
    • Produces a glowing effect by diffusing the light to create a softer, warmer image with slightly reduced contrast.
  • HDTV/FX 3
    • Gently softens and diffuses light to help lessen the hyper-sharpness associated with HD imagery.
  • Nude/FX 3
    • Enhances skin tones by providing gentle warmth to the image and smoothing out blemishes.
  • Pro-Mist 3
    • Reduces the value of highlights while lowering overall contrast, softeningthe light quality and smoothing skin wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Smoque 3
    •  Provides a smoky, hazy quality to your images; emulating a smoke or fog machine.
  • Soft/FX 3
    • Diffuses strong light to create a glowing effect that leaves the image with a more ethereal and soft feel.
  • Warm Black Pro-Mist 3
    • Slightly lowers overall contrast by reducing the value of highlights and smoothing facial wrinkles and blemishes while warming the image.
  • Warm Center Spot 3
    • Warms the image and blurs the perimeter of the frame while allowing you to maintain sharp, clear focus at the center.
  • Warm Pro-Mist 3
    • Affords a soft, pastel-like quality of light by reducing highlights and softening skin tones and blemishes while warming the image.
  • Warm Soft/FX 3
    • Creates a softened image by diffusing strong light for a warmer glow, reducing blue sensitivity, and improving skin tone balance.

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