The Winning Images from the B&H Wilderness Photo Contest


B&H recently teamed up with South African Airways and ecotourism company Wilderness Safaris for the B&H Wilderness Photo Contest. The goal was to encourage photographers to celebrate the concept of conservation. By capturing beautiful images of nature, you, in turn, help to spread awareness about conservation. Two entrants in this contest received an African safari trip for two, in addition to a $500 B&H Gift Card. Eight semi-finalists each received a $500 Gift Card. Congratulations!

Grand Prize Winner: Jamie MacArthur (United Kingdom)

People's Choice Winner: Charles Chessler (United States)

Land Mammals Category Winner: Giorgia Karampatou (Abu Dhabi) 

Aquatic Category: Cary Maures (United States)

Culture/Wilderness/People Category: Adam Jurgilewicz (Poland)

Conservation/Man and the Environment Category: Jeffrey Kirkpatrick (Australia) 

Amphibians and Reptiles Category: Christopher Schlaf (United States)

Macro Category: Peter Alinson (United States)

Animals in Zoos and Captivity Category: Octavio Aburto (Mexico)

Landscape/Scenery Category: Peter Sabol (Croatia)

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Nice to see how photography is now greatly based on a photographers computer skills rather than actual photographic skills.

It's a new world. I would say the aquatic and macro photos had a bit of color enhancement, but doesn't take away from the amazing shot. As we all know, the colors just don't always ring true on a photo. Bringing back the color, or cropping out a telephone line (for example) sometimes get a shot one can't physically get. Besides, touching up photos has been done for years.  Just took more manual labor. Computers just speed it up. The grand prize winner had a spectacular shot no matter what he did to it. A shot of a bird with wings spread with lunch in his mouth is spectacular. 

Nonsense. It's the skill and imagination of the photographer's vision that's fundamental. The rest is just the techiques used in realising it. No doubt the innovation of oil paint was also decried when artists began using it.

I agree Michael but these are the times we live in.

I like to keep everything as natural as possible, but I do light photoshop sometimes.

That's a bit like saying that, digitatl equipment (cameras) operators are somehow less qualified/creative relative to traditional film, because after all, you can just continue to shoot until you get it "right" due to instant preview capabilites. 

If anything, "computer skills" is an additional skill and part of photogrphy.

The kingfisher is my fav. Best 'the moment' shot.

Congrats to the winners - well deserved!

Someone needs spelling lessons. "Austrailia"???

Nice photos. It's spelled "Australia".

Thanks to all of you that brought the Australia misspelling to our attention. It has since been corrected.

I'm wondering how the photo of the pink ***** clownfish with what appears to be a tongue-eating louse won in the category for "Macro: Flora/Insects."  There's an anemone, a fish, and a crustacean in the photo.  And I seriously hope symbiotic algae wouldn't ***** as the "flora."  It's a beautiful photo, but I recall seeing plenty of photos in that category that actually had flora (i.e., plants) and/or insects in them.  :/

NOTE:  the actual contest page refers to the category as "MACRO: FLORA/INSECTS" (although I don't seem to recall it being explictly restricted to just plants and/or insects myself).

That's quality nitpicking, Mike.  Excellent job.  Gorgeous photos, by the by.

FAB PHOTOS!!  CONGRATS to all the winners!!

Great work! Photography is a powerful tool in building consciousness and support for saving humanity from the catastrophes of environment damage and destruction.

These photos are spectacular.  I would love to know what gear and camera settings were used to get such a sharp focus. Thanks


It would be great to have detailed description from the photographer of equipment and conditions. The back story would allow me (viewers) to get a better idea of what it took to make those remarkable photos possible. (Thanks B&H for having the contest)

Patricia Branan-Wendell wrote:

These photos are spectacular.  I would love to know what gear and camera settings were used to get such a sharp focus. Thanks

Could you please correct the word Adu Dhabi? Abu Dhabi

Hi Giorgia, I love your image very well captured, it would be my dream to go on a wild life safari and try and capture images like this.

Well done and keep shooting.

Corrected. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I have to say all the images are amazing, even if there is some enhancements to the images as long as it is suttle.

I love the Kingfisher, well done Jamie awsome image. I would love to get a shot of a kingfisher.

The Cheetah is my second favourite, and peoples choice would be my third place, these are my personal choices but at the end of

the day it is your image and everyone else is picking there favourites.

Well done to all the photographers.

Congratulations to all of you these are wonderful images that show the beauty and diversity of this wonderful planet.

All excellent images along with post processing.

Wonderful images!!  The judges made some great selections, but I am sure that it was a difficult task with many others almost as good as these.

It would be very interesting to see the original without ANY post processing and compare to just HOW MUCH post processing was done to accomplish the magnificent results!!

What a delight to see the distribution of artistry across the globe! Very inspiring photographs that challlenge me to create my own images following the same theme.

It is an amazing world - and it takes a good photographer and serendipity to "capture" it = and sometimes money to get to those special places! I'm not too sure about the comment on computer skills! who cares as long as the photos capture the moment - computers can't do that yet.

To all those who complain about post-processing and computer enhancement: Get over it! ALL the great photographers, yes, even Ansel Adams, had/have tricks for post-processing. Computers and editing software just make it less time consuming than in ages past.

I look at a photo and try to see the story the photograher was working to capture. It is great to see the winners of this contest.  

Congratulation to all winners


Riza Marlon

Who ever Took these picture know well how to use Photoshop really well, It would be very interesting to see the original without ANY post processing and compare to just HOW MUCH post processing was done to accomplish the magnificent results!!

I feel if you have to use a computer to inhance your photography, you are not a true photographer.  By getting the most out of your camera is getting the most out of your picture with no added help.  I learned from a gentleman who used 35mm camera's for decades.  And is a wonderful photographer.  Happy shooting!!