5600K Studio Workhorse: The ikan White Star LED Fresnel Line


With the plethora of LED fixtures available, and most major manufacturers throwing their hat into the Fresnel ring, ikan decided to stand back, consider what the market would bear, and strategically place its product where it was needed most, at a price point that would turn potential buyer's heads. Adding a couple of performance surprises would sweeten the deal. The result of this focused rumination was the White Star line of LED Fresnels.

ikan rolled out three lights:  a 4",100W; 6", 200W; and 6", 350W version, all of which are 5600K daylight  balanced. If the majority of your work is location based and requires battery power, this light's not for you. But if you're in the market for a studio workhorse with a high CRI of 95 and a very wide spot-to-flood ratio for multi-unit installation on an overhead grid or stands, you would do well to consider the White Star line.  

With structural integrity a priority, ikan started from the ground up with solid aluminum construction and an oversized U-shaped yoke with a 1-1/8" junior pin for clamps or combo stands. An integrated, whisper-quiet cooling fan protects the electronics and assures a 50,000 hour lamp life, virtually eliminating a duty cycle. Focus is accomplished by a classic, tight worm gear and knob at the back of the fixtures. Dimming is 0-100%, adjusted locally on the unit or remotely via DMX512 connection. All of the lights give you a lot of lux per dollar compared to competitors, allowing long-throw use when necessary.

The WS-F100 has a spot-to-flood range of 11 to 82°, outputting 2,463 lux at 11°—the equivalent of a 250-300W hot light. The 24-82° WS-F200 gives you 8,090 lux and a 650W tungsten equivalent, while the WS-F350 has the same beam-angle range and reads 10,040 lux at 24° with the equivalent output of a 1K Fresnel. The lights all come with 4-way barn doors and an integrated scrim holder to accept ARRI-style scrims.  

Of course, all of the benefits of using an LED source apply to the White Star line. Low heat and power consumption equals low HVAC costs in the studio, and a fast ROI, as well as closer placement to the talent when necessary. And the White Stars can be swapped out light-for-light with legacy fixtures, without losing the single-shadow look and clean cut when using barndoors, for which the older fixtures are known.

If you're looking for a dollar-friendly Fresnel solution that performs like a stripped-down race car, you would do well to consider ikan's White Star line.