Hands-On Review: the Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit


The Priolite Leipzig MBX500 2-Light Kit is a professional, portable solution to lighting for photography in a studio or on location. The power source is built in, and the included batteries power the kit's two monolights for 220 full power flashes, 440 flashes at half power, or thousands of flashes at the lowest power. The lights can be as powerful as 500 watt-seconds or turned all the way down to 16 watt-seconds, for a 5.0-stop range.

In this video, Kelby Media's Larry Becker uses the two MBX500 monolights for a portrait shoot and finds the lights to be powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Not only is light power cordless, but operation can be cordless as well. You can fire them via a sync cable, IR remote trigger, optical slave, or using the built-in radio receivers. There's also an optional remote control, which is a bi-directional radio device with a readout that changes whenever you change the power of the lght. The Priolite Leipzig kit comes with two MBX500 lights, one softbox, one umbrella, two sturdy medium-duty light stands, and a rigid fabric case with wheels.

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