Photography / Hands-on Review

Lowel TRIO 1 Lighting System


If the nature of your photographic work requires swaths of even, continuous light, Lowel’s TRIO 1 is well worth investigating. Designed for use with your choice of 55W high CRI, daylight- or tungsten-balanced fluorescent lamps, Lowel’s TRIO 1 lamp heads are well suited for portraiture and mid-sized tabletop applications.

Measuring 26" wide, 9.5" tall and only 3.25" deep, the Lowel TRIO 1 features a uniquely designed mounting system that allows you to position the fixture in any number of positions while maintaining an even measure of light balance across the image field. As its name implies, the Lowel TRIO 1 contains three individually (and variably) controlled high CRI lamps, which at full power, deliver the equivalent of 600W+ each of light output. 

Manufactured from aluminum and tough polymer materials, the Lowel TRIO 1, which is configured for use with 120-240v AC power, comes with an egg-crate grill to prevent light spill as well as a set of quick release top- and bottom-mounted barndoors that are reflective on one side and black on the flip side. By reversing themyou can either block the light or amplify the volume of light without having to raise the wattage of the bulbs. A secondary set of side-mounted barndoors are optionally available for additional light control. Other accessories designed for use with the Lowel TRIO 1 include a 5/8" Tilt-bracket that allows for an extended tilt range, a Hanging Clamp that can suspend the TRIO 1 from the ceiling or other overhead support, Lowel Uni Sr. and KS Jr. light stands and AC power cables, with or without a power switch.