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According to photographer/CEO Martin Wood, his modest $10,000 startup in 1986 proved to be a seminal event for Delkin Devices that formed the company's light-on-their-feet, responsive operational philosophy stressing "change, inspiration and a limitless imagination." It also imbued the company with a sense of humor. After initially concentrating on memory devices to facilitate image storage, Wood created the Fat Gecko line of camera supports to enable optimal image capture.

Although the name Fat Gecko would be reason enough for some people to own these products, there are real similarities between the Delkin support systems and the eponymous lizard—such as tenacity. Geckos have an almost preternatural ability to grip seemingly ungraspable surfaces. If there's any one key word to describe the Fat Gecko line, grip is that word. Delkin mounts fall into three categories: suction, clamping and leg type.

Suction-Based Supports

Perhaps the most well-known support is the Fat Gecko Triple Mount that features three large, industrial-strength suction cups similar to those used in transporting glass. The cups can adhere to any flat, smooth, non-porous surface and pivot independently to accommodate curved and angular surfaces. The three-point design offers maximum adhesion and stability to support working in a variety of conditions.

Frequently used in extreme sports, the Fat Gecko has been tested in all sorts of inclement weather, vibrating scenarios, strong winds and speeds up to 150 mph for supporting DSLRs, camcorders, point-and-shoots and action cameras weighing up to 8 lb. The camera post is fabricated from stainless steel and topped with a 1/4"-20 camera screw.  A ball joint at each end of the camera post enables 360° of tilt, turn and rotation. The Fat Gecko is ideal for racing, mounted inside or outside cars or planes, as well as kite-boarding, surfing, sailing and more. The Fat Gecko Dual Mount, a two-suction-cup version, is also available for use on smaller surface areas and offers a slight reduction in weight. It too, supports 8 lb.

Like its big brothers, the Fat Gecko Mini Mount has a 360-degree tilt, turn and rotation feature but uses a single 3" suction cup for tighter spaces, with a lower profile that works well for action and adventure sports and smaller cameras weighing up to 4 lb. The Fat Gecko Stealth Mount is a compact, stripped-down version that features a 1/4"-20 camera screw that supports up to 1 lb with 180° of rotation, making it perfect for POV adventures adhered to a helmet, skis or other reasonably non-porous surface. Like the rest of the line, the Stealth Mount remains rock-steady even in the nastiest conditions.

Fat Gecko Dual Mount Fat Gecko Mini Mount Fat Gecko Stealth Mount Fat Gecko Triple Mount

Clamp-Based Supports

The WingmanHD Helmet Mount uses an adhesive surface to secure it to your headgear for the ultimate in POV shooting. Popular with bikers and skiers, the WingmanHD features a 1/4"-20 camera screw for attaching most cameras to it. The WingmanHD Bar Mount attaches to a handlebar, roll bar or other support pipe via dual tightening screws. Its 1" extension allows you to flip the camera vertically or set custom angles in excess of 90°. A similar principle is at work with the Fat Gecko Bike Mount. This clamp mounts securely over the joint bolts on your bike's handlebar stem, supporting cameras up to 6 lb. Back-angle adjusters allow you to achieve your desired perspective, whether it's uphill, downhill or on level ground, either backward or forward facing. The two part quick-release design lets you mount or dismount the unit in seconds. The Fat Gecko Vise Mount features padded jaws that clamp onto pipes, poles, furniture, fences, tree branches or just about anything else with a thickness of up to 3". The mounting post has a 1/4"-20 camera screw, like all of the mounts, and offers 360-degree tilt, turn and rotation functionality for cameras weighing up to 3 lb.

WingmanHD Helmet Mount WingmanHD Bar Mount Fat Gecko Bike Mount Fat Gecko Vise Mount

Leg-Based Supports

The Fat Gecko Carbon Fiber Tripod is fabricated from seven-layer, Z-weave, corrosion-resistant carbon fiber, allowing a tripod that weighs only 1 lb to hold cameras or other devices 30 times its weight steady at heights up to 67". For extra stability, a Spectra fiber cord fastens to the legs to prevent excessive spread and reduce vibration. The center column also has a J-hook at the bottom to suspend weighted objects like a backpack or camera bag for extra stability. Topped by an omnidirectional ball head, the tripod folds down to just 22" for easy packing and storage. The Fat Gecko Carbon Fiber Monopod takes a single leg from the tripod and adds an additional layer of carbon fiber and the same locking ball head as the tripod for a highly mobile support that holds up to 30 lb. The monopod features a wrist strap and foam-padded top section. Maximum height is 57" and it folds down to a convenient 16".

For more information about Fat Gecko products, feel free to contact a B&H sales professional in our New York SuperStore, over the phone at 1-800-606-6969 or online via Live Chat.

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