Lowel SoftCore Lighting System


The Lowel SoftCore Lighting System is designed to turn any softbox you might currently own into a cool running, fluorescent-lamp-based lighting system containing up to five 80W CRI fluorescent lamps. The SoftCore will work with all "standard" rod-sized softboxes, but not with those that take the larger rods—the type in the largest softboxes that have an elastic band running through them and fold in half. Simple in design and a quick and easy method of turning a flash based lighting system into a continuous-light system, the basic version of the Lowel SoftCore consists of a center rod attached to a tiltable light stand adapter with a tilt-lock lever, a Lowel FLO-X1 (single) lamp adapter and a four-sided softbox hooking system adapter for mounting your current softbox. Depending on the size and weight of your softbox, an expandable half pole and counterweight can also be added to the system for optimal balance and lighting control.

In addition to the standard single lamp FLO-X1 adapter, you can also use Lowel’s optional three-lamp FLO-X3 or five-lamp FLO-X5 adapters, which allow you to triple and quintuple the volume of light you can pump through the front diffusion panel of your softbox. The FLO-X3 is the most likely choice for general use, while the FLO-X5 is the best choice or larger setups. The single lamp head is most appropriate for small softboxes, and for using 27-watt lamps—a great choice for tabletop photography or close use. For further light control, individual ON/OFF switches allow you to turn each of the lamps in both the FLO-X3 and FLO-X5 on and off, independently of one another. Because all three FLO lamp adapters are designed for use with compact fluorescent lamps, they run cooler to the touch than tungsten lamps and maintain a constant, flicker-free daylight output. (The FLO-X1, X2 and X3 have the same lamp base components used in Lowel’s popular eXchange-series lighting system.)

Optional accessories for the Lowel SoftCore Lighting System include a choice of lamps, protective lamptubes and light stands.

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