Overview: Vello PC-Shoe Adapters


Vello provides an array of versatile hot-shoe adapters with PC sockets for connecting off-camera flash units and studio strobes with cables. These solution-oriented devices add a PC sync connection to cameras or a shoe-mount flash. Additionally, all the Vello adapters except for the Sony/Minolta camera versions feature locking collars and metal connectors for the camera's shoe, providing an extra-secure hold. Some of the adapters feature top hot-shoe connectors that allow you to simultaneously fire an on-camera flash and a PC-connected, off-camera flash or accessory.

Alternatively, you could use that top shoe to mount a continuous light source for shooting video, or a shotgun microphone or radio remote. Using a bracket with multiple mounting points would let you employ accessories like these in addition to a shoe-mounted flash. Please note that these adapters do not provide high-voltage sync protection.

The Sony/Minolta to Standard Hot Shoe Adapter enables the attachment of regular shoe-mount flash units or other accessories to Sony or Minolta cameras. It features the proprietary Sony/Minolta hot shoe on the bottom and a standard shoe on top for manual and non-TTL flash modes.    

The opposite conversion is possible with the Standard to Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe Adapter, which lets you use Sony or Minolta flash units or other accessories on cameras with standard shoes. This standard to Sony/Minolta adapter also allows the shoe-mounted flash to work in manual or non-TTL modes only.

The Adapter with Top Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe for Sony/Minolta Cameras provides full TTL compatibility for a Sony flash on Sony/Minolta cameras with their proprietary shoe. For instances when that top shoe-mount flash is unnecessary, this Sony/Minolta Camera Adapter without Top Hot Shoe will fit the bill. 

Canon and Nikon adapters are also available, both with hot shoes that support full e-TTL and i-TTL, respectively. The front-mounted PC terminal provides the attachment point for studio lights, accessories, or remotes.

Vello makes a Universal Adapter that provides a PC sync connection for all cameras with standard hot shoes, as well as newer Sony models featuring the Multi Interface Shoe. This configuration is an ideal choice for scenarios in which a top hot shoe is not required. The Universal Adapter with Shoe offers the same compatibility as the Universal Adapter, but features a standard, non-TTL hot shoe on top.

Having an assortment of these units on hand can be just the ticket to solving myriad creative-lighting puzzles. They're small in size, and quite large on problem-solving functionality.

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