Power and Versatility with the Bescor LED-1200K


The Bescor LED-1200K is the most powerful LED light currently offered by Bescor, providing a tungsten equivalent 1000-watt output while only consuming 100 watts itself. LED lights are well-known for their general lack of power consumption and cool-to-the touch output, making them a viable alternative to traditional hot lights. Additionally, LED lights have a flat, compact form factor that makes them ideal for use in tight spaces or complex lighting arrangements. The constant light output of an LED, as opposed to a flash, makes it an ideal tool for video work and studio situations in which you want constant output to help previsualize your lighting schemes.

The LED-1200K is constructed from 1224 individual 5mm LED bulbs, offering a bright output with a light measurement of 200 lux at 12โ€™. This light also features adjustable color temperature settings from tungsten-balanced 3200K to daylight-balanced 5500K. Each color temperature value is fully dimmable, which allows for the mixing of both to create your desired color temperature or match the color of a wide variety of ambient light sources. This functionality also frees you from needing to cover your light source in color-correcting gels, which, aside from taking time to install and remove, also cut down your light output. Variable color temperature allows for easier adaptation to changing scenes and gives you more freedom in producing a creative lighting scenario. Total light output is also fully dimmable for even greater control of your lighting.

Further contributing to the versatility of the LED-1200K is the ability to accept dual 160Wh V-mount batteries for extended battery life and extended compatibility amongst existing batteries. Use of the V-mount batteries renders this light a completely portable lighting solution that has increased efficiency amongst filmmakers due to the shared battery type format. The light can also be powered by the included MM-20XLR power supply, which provides about 2.5 hours of run time from a 12- to 14-hour charge. For working indoors or in studio settings, the light can also accept 100-240V AC power using the included adapter.

The design of the light itself integrates accessory shoe rails on all four sides of the housing to facilitate the connection of additional accessories. Also helping to add to the overall light output and control, silver reflective barn doors are built in along all four sides of the frame to help shape the light or provide protection to the LED bulbs during transit. A built-in carry handle on the light also facilitates greater portability and travel possibilities. This LED light source comes in a kit with an included mounting bracket and 6.9โ€™ light stand that features air-cushioned shock absorption and has a closed length of 2.7โ€™.

The Bescor LED-1200K is a truly versatile tool that affords a strong light output while maintaining the power-saving and cool temperature benefits of an LED source. Its ability to support different power supplies and output light in a variety of color temperatures and intensities make this an ideal tool for both studio and location shooting, especially in rapidly changing conditions.

Number of LED Bulbs 1224x 5mm LED bulbs
Light Output 200 Lux at 12' / 3.7 m
Dimming Fully dimmable
Color Temperature Variable; 3200-5500K
Power Consumption 100W
Halogen Equivalent Output 1,000W
Powering Options Dual V-mount battery plates (minimum 160Wh battery), 100-240V AC
Panel Dimensions Not specified by manufacturer
Panel Weight Not specified by manufacturer
Batteries 1x Bescor MM-20XLR 12V 20A battery (with charger)
Battery Runtime 2.5 hours
Battery Recharge Time 12-14 hours
Battery Dimensions Not specified by manufacturer
Battery Weight Not specified by manufacturer
Light Stand Maximum Height 6.9' / 2.1 m
Light Stand Closed Height 2.7' / 81 cm
Light Stand Material Aluminum