Zacuto DSLR Rigs Episode 1: DSLR Rig Basics


Our three-part series on Zacuto DSLR rigs opens with an informative primer on handheld support rigs for DSLR cameras, detailing their basic operation and their benefits. In the days of Beta-cam videography, cameras were heavy but stability was not a problem, as the camera rested on the operator’s shoulder. Today’s relatively tiny DSLR cameras are certainly lightweight, but even a pound is enough to introduce shake into your video when you’re holding the camera with your arms outstretched. To capture smooth handheld video, support is crucial.

Zacuto rigs offer handgrips, shoulder-mount assemblies and gunstocks to introduce points of contact with your DSLR camera. This enables a more stable, comfortable style of operation by transferring weight to the core of your body. Like most DSLR rigs, Zacuto rigs are completely modular, meaning that a system can be built piece by piece in order to customize it to your specific needs. Rigs can host accessories that supply functions that DSLR cameras themselves don’t necessarily offer. Uniquely, Zacuto rigs offer quick-release connections based on 15mm rods at every major point, and a limited lifetime warranty backs up the rigs’ machined-aluminum construction.

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