Zacuto DSLR Rigs Episode 3: Complete Systems


Zacuto DSLR rigs are each the sum of several individual parts, but for convenience’s sake the company offers several pre-designed rigs that serve specific shooting needs. Of course, these full systems can be further customized almost without limitation. The third and final part of our series on Zacuto DSLR rigs closely examines four of these pre-designed solutions, starting with a couple of basic rigs and closing with two very sophisticated shoulder-mount rigs.

The Striker is a basic DSLR rig that puts a handgrip in front of the camera and gunstock behind it, for three points of contact. The Striker is infinitely adjustable, but its baseplate doesn’t accept 15mm rods. For that functionality, you’ll need to move up to something like the Crossfire, which offers the same points of contact as the Striker and adds 15mm-rod support for attaching a matte box or a follow focus device. If you need a system that’s more stable over long production days, the Stinger might be the ticket—it adds a second handgrip and switches out the gunstock for a full shoulder-mount assembly. The Scorpion is similar, but features a redesigned top handle and form-fitting padded shoulder-mount assembly.

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