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New 290 Series Tripods, Monopods, and 804 3-Way Head from Manfrotto

If you are a photo enthusiast or passionate photo hobbyist, the 290-Series supports from Manfrotto are made just for you. Three different lines in the series aim to meet the needs of most: the 290 Dual, Xtra, and Light.

The 290 Dual aluminum tripods feature a 90° center column and four leg-angle positions to allow you to get to ground level. The tripod is available as legs only or in a kit with a 3-way pan/tilt head or a ball head. For those who don’t need the 90° center column, the 290 Xtra line forgoes that feature but adds the option of carbon fiber legs. Available as carbon fiber or aluminum legs only, the Xtra line also comes in kits with the same heads as the Duals. The 290 Light tripod is available in two kits only, one with a ball head and one with a 3-way pan/tilt head. Also announced are 4-section aluminum and carbon fiber 290 monopods.

The new MH804-3W 3-way pan/tilt that is available on the Xtra and Dual tripods head incorporates retractable handles, which decrease the overall size when not in use. A built-in spring assists with the tilting motion of the head by compensating for heavier lenses and cameras with off-center loads, and a 200LT-PL quick-release plate is included for fast camera attachment.