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First Look: Lumix G7 4K DSLM Camera Kit


In the following video, Allan Weitz takes a Quick Look at the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds digital camera, and covers its new features and specifications. The video begins by highlighting the 16MP Live MOS sensor and new Venus Engine 9, which enable 8 fps shooting, ISO 25600, and 4K UHD video recording at 30p. The video then goes on to look at the unique 4K photo shooting modes, as well as the DFD autofocus system, OLED electronic viewfinder, 3.0" vari-angle touchscreen, and the kit options with either a 14-42mm or 14-140mm lens. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at

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But does it blend?

Yes it does!


But, will it ship to my apartment in México?

Yes it will.  We can ship this camera world-wide. You may calculate your actual shipping options/order totals by adding the items you want to a shopping cart and entering a destination zip code or country.  You will then see a  list of shipping options and Estimated Shipping Times to your location.  Below is a link to all of the options we currently offer on the G7 camera:

Does it shoot HD 1080P video? Is there audio/mic input?

The Panasonic DMC-G7 does have a mic jack, and can shoot 1080 HD video.

does it have a headphone jack for audio recording too?

No, it does not feature a headphone input jack.

what kind of audio input and headphone for video re ording does it have?

It features a 3.5mm mic input jack and does not feature any headphone in.

Can you utilize the 4k output in Adobe Premeire or do you have to use a converter before using your editing software?

You would not need to convert the files before editing them in Adobe Premiere.  It can handle 4K MP4 files.

Does it shoot better than a flip phone ?

Yes it will.

Is it a PAL/NTSC switchable?

B&H will be carrying the DMC-G7 that is distributed through Panasonic USA.  It appears that this model will be NTSC only.

hi, i own 3 lumix fz-1000 cameras which i am really happy to have but they do not output a video feed while recording, so i was wondering if this new model of the g7 will?

i mainly use them to capture 4k uhd video and need to have a video feed output for the clients to see while i shoot it and not after as shot video playback, just to make things easier.


The DMC-G7 has clean HDMI out, and could be hooked up to an external recorder or monitor.  Though, the image on the LCD would cutout/go black during video recording and playback when you have the camera hooked up to another device via HDMI.  So while your clients would be able to see what’s being recorded on the external monitor, you wouldn’t be able to see it on the camera’s LCD.

I suppose you could use an HDMI splitter/amplifier so the camera operator and client could both see.

if i can connect the hdmi output to an external recording device like the Atomos Ninja 2 would that extend the maximum recording time beyond the 29 minutes 59 seconds limit?

Yes, if you connect the G7 to an external recorder such as the Atomos Ninja 2, you would be able to extend the recording time beyond 29 minutes and 59 seconds.

hi christina,

do you know if the MFT Aputure DEC can be attached to the g7?

will it be able to make the turn on the front of it's MFT opening like the MFT-EOS metabones adapter?

i did try the external monitor and what goes black is the external monitor during recording not the camera, only during playback the camera's on board screen goes black, so it does the same as the FZ-1000 and i cannot share the video feed with the clients as if i would use a G4 hdmi output.

let us know if you find a better way of having both internal and external viewing on this model please.


I see no reason that the Aputure DEC Wireless Focus & Aperture Controller Lens Adapter for EF and EF-S Mount Lenses to MFT Mount Cameras wouldn’t work on the G7.  They should be compatible, as the G7 has the MFT mount and Aputure doesn’t list any cameras with issues of compatibility.

Unfortunately, I don’t know a work around for the monitor.  The information I had from Panasonic at the time of the announcement was that the monitor should stay on.  But apparently, with the G7, the LCD is what stays on.

How is the audio capabilities on the G7

The G7 records in Dolby Digital 2ch, AAC 2ch and features a 3.5mm mic input jack.

What are the limits for video recording time?  Is it different for HD and 4K?  Does it use the same lenses as the GH4?

Both the G7 and GH4 have the micro four thirds mount, so would be compatible with the same lenses.  As for video recording limits, it looks as though the max record limit is 29min 59seconds.  From the specifications on Panasonic’s US site, it looks like this would be for both HD and 4K video.

 Can you use an external monitor while filming in 4K video mode? 

Yes, the HDMI output is capable of delivering clean feed up to 4k to external monitors and recorders.  It operates at 8-bit vs the 10-bit operation of the GH4 camera.