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Panasonic Introduces Post Focus with New Firmware Update

Adding even more functionality to the Lumix line, Panasonic has just announced a new firmware update that allows you to refine your point of focus after shooting. Making use of the already versatile series of 4K Photo shooting modes, along with the intelligent DFD (Depth from Defocus) system, the new Post Focus setting lets you decide your critical point of focus after the fact by simply tapping the area of the image you wish to be in focus.

During shooting, the initial image will be recorded as a 4K MP4 video file, shot at 30 fps, and the specific point of focus will be shifted throughout burst shooting to avail a range of distinct focus ranges. During playback, via the camera's touchscreen, you then tap the specific area of the image you wish to be in focus and an 8MP JPEG image will be created. Multiple individual files with different focus points can be created from the original burst, and you can also use assist functions, such as 5x enlarged view, focus peaking, and fine-tuned focus adjustment, to gain even more precise control. Post Focus is ideal for preventing out-of-focus imagery, especially in conjunction with selective-focus techniques, and is well suited for macro shooting applications where the need to achieve focus accuracy is paramount.

The firmware update is being made available for the Lumix DMC-G7, GX8, and FZ300 cameras, and will also be featured on forthcoming Lumix series digital cameras.