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Speed and Ease: The Angler Q400 Monolight + Ultimate Portrait Kit


Up your lighting game with the speedy Angler Q400 Monolight, which boasts a 400Ws output along with a blazing recycle time of just 0.4 seconds at full power. Flash duration is measured from 1/5000 to 1/8000-second to ensure crisp images—and for those needing a rapid fire light, the Q400 can reach up to 10 frames per second. This makes it great for action, fashion, event, and other demanding applications where photographers need to be ready to go in an instant. Users will also be able to adjust their settings easily on the back panel, which features soft push buttons to control the modeling light, optical slave functions, and beep notifications. 

The power level is adjustable in 1/10 stops over a 6-stop range for maximum control over your light output, and this is easily seen on the rear LCD screen. The 150W modeling light will dim when the flash is triggered to visibly demonstrate that the Q400 is recycling. Helping to create a safe and secure setup, the flash is equipped with an adjustable mounting bracket, so users can change the center of gravity to account for heavy modifiers. It can accept umbrellas with 8mm shafts and up to 7' in diameter. And, it has a Bowens S-type accessory mount for working with a vast range of modifiers from many different companies.

Budding fashion photographers will find the Q400 to be an excellent choice, and the Angler Ultimate Portrait Kit is available that bundles together two Q400 Monolights with a 7' Parabolic Umbrella, a 20" Beauty Reflector, and an 18" Silverbox Octa Softbox with speed ring and grid, as well as two 10' light stands. The Q400 delivers an excellent quality of light with its included reflector, but portraits will benefit from the soft light when using the included modifiers.

The 7' Parabolic Umbrella creates a large, broad light that wraps around your subject like a softbox but offers the crisp detail of a reflector, essentially a combination of a beauty dish and softbox. The 18" Silverbox Octa Softbox is a staple in many studios, offering a soft wraparound light with natural-looking circular catchlights. And, there is the exceptionally popular 20" Beauty Reflector, which bounces the light source off a central deflector and off a white reflector interior to create a soft, dispersed look with a crispness that especially highlights hair and makeup.