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Westcott Flex LED Mat: A Flexible Light Source So Unique, You’ll Think You’re Dreaming


Photographers who’ve dreamt of a light source that could be bent into a large variety of shapes will pinch themselves to make sure they’re awake when they see the Westcott Flex LED Mat System. Westcott LED Mats consist of flat panels with rows of controllable LED lights. Panels come in a variety of sizes and are 0.25" thick, dimmable and, most of all—bendable. The mat’s construction allows it to be formed into a variety of shapes such as cylinders, arcs, and more. Pliable wires inside the mat provide structure and prevent the shapes from unraveling. On set, these forms produce beautiful wraparound lighting for portraits and are useful in product photography and other applications too. And, with their thin profile, Westcott LED Mats can be placed in tight spots like vehicle interiors. The possibilities are endless.

Mats are available in 5600K daylight versions or bi-color with a range of 2800-6000K. This is ideal for shooting near a window or in other settings where a photographer might want to match the color temperature of the ambient light—in an office with fluorescent or tungsten lights, perhaps. The external 0-100% dimmer control is useful for balancing the mat with other light sources. Cinematographers will appreciate the compatibility with Scrim Jim Cine Frames. Color accuracy is assured by the high CRI 95-98 rating. Splash- and dust proof with an operating range of 5 to 104°F—your Westcott LED Mat is equally at home in the studio or on location. A ready-to-use light, it comes with a digital dimmer module, power adapter, and cord. Accessory diffusers, mounting devices, extension cables, travel cases, and portable batteries provide added versatility. Rest assured—Westcott LED Mats are the stuff that photographers’ dreams are made of.

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These lights are amazing.  But are also so amazingly overpriced, its really silly.  They could've come into the market with something that was affordable but decided to be greedy.  These lights are actually made by a company in Korea,that also sells them at a very high price.  however, a even better light is coming out from China in a few months that are literally 25% of the price of these and are better made.  Brightcast.  Just hold on a bit and they will be out.  They are not a copy of these.  They came out at about the same time, but have been delayed to market (I have nothing to do with Brightcast but am ordering some soon). 

You said enough... China.

Sounds great but the very high price is a barrier for many.