XSORIES Weye Feye S Gives You 262-Foot Remote Trigger Control


Trigger your camera from your smart device, even if you’re in a Wi-Fi dead zone with the Weye Feye S. This device from XSORIES creates its own Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control your camera from up to 262' away.

The free downloadable iOS/Android Weye Feye S app enables you to use your camera’s live view from your smart device, as well as upload and share your images to your favorite social media platform. With a latency of just 0.2 seconds, you can be sure to capture the shot you want with virtually no delay.

A built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery keeps the unit powered for up to eight hours in Live View mode, or fourteen hours in Gallery mode.

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I would like more information and if possible a visual streaming demo before I buy.

Below is a link to the Weye Feye S on Xsories for you to regard.  They include alot of infomortation on the product here.  As far as a video demonstration goes, we do not have one prepared to share with you ourselves, and I did not see on on the manufacturer's site, but you may wish to google "weye feye XS" and regard the video results.


Very cool new gizmo!  I am tempted.  I am assuming you have to choose the focal point in advance or put your camera on Auto and let it decide?