BH Event Space: How to Create and Market a Successful Photography Project


Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow (Alan and Mo) bring their comfortable charm to a discussion on preparing, funding and presenting photo projects. They discuss the theoretical preparations of an idea, such as motivation, personal voice and goals and then get into the meat and bones of how to find funding for the work you want to do.

They draw from their personal experience regarding how they found support from grants and crowd funding (kickstarter, indiegogo) platforms, but really hit their stride when they talk about gear and corporate sponsorship for their long-term, bicycle-powered projects. Mo describes how they gladly accepted their first gear sponsorship of four water canteens and how that association (not to mention hard work and the confidence gained by “standing like Wonder Woman”) grew into actual bike-company sponsorships, as well as the Leica sponsorship that provided two sweet Leica digital cameras that will accompany them on their next adventure.  

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