Everything in Photography is a Compromise


Photographers are creating more and more images. Managing your archive so that all your images are secure and easily located is essential to your success. There are tools that can be of great benefit to the photographer/videographer but, on the other hand, many creatives can find this part of a workflow daunting. In this seminar, we concentrate on the benefits and show you how to avoid the disasters while providing inspiration from Joe DiMaggio’s work. 

DiMaggio, a lifelong photographer with an illustrious career covering sports, environmental portraits, stock, video content, photo illustrations, as well as fine art ,depends on his vast archive to survive and thrive. This seminar, sponsored by WD, a leader in digital storage and hard drives, highlights DiMaggio’s work and shows you in a honest and straightforward way how to manage a cutting-edge workflow. This presentation should be beneficial to professionals with vast archives and amateur photographers who are concerned with saving the precious moments of their family histories.