John Paul Caponigro: Process and Game Changers


In this B&H Video, artist and photographer John Paul Caponigro delivers a wonderful presentation on photographic work and process. He is a firm believer in the importance of process, of opening yourself to possibilities and not limiting your vision with pre-formulated thoughts or even technical barriers. He encourages us to “give yourself permission to do whatever you need to get the image you want.”

In the first half of his talk, he offers numerous references from literature, science, art and photography on how we can approach our work to better understand what it is we want to do and hopefully, become better at doing it. He talks of the importance of having a project to give your work a “container” and he quotes the late Ansel Adams: “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

In the second half of his presentation, Mr. Caponigro shows examples of his drawings and his sublime landscape photographs to emphasize how ideas come, go, blend into one another and eventually find themselves complete. He also works with Photoshop to demonstrate useful techniques for altering images according to your vision. This is a great video that will remind you of the many approaches to creativity, and will inspire you to find the path (or paths) you might follow. “To focus a camera takes little time, but to focus your vision through your photography can take a lifetime.”