The Paradoxical World of Claire Rosen


Inspired by fashion and fairy tales, photographer Claire Rosen constructs whimsical worlds, designs costumes and captures beauty with her camera. As both a fine art and commercial photographer, Rosen explores the dualities that exist in life. By working with themes and imagery popularized by fables and children’s stories, Rosen investigates universal truths while appealing to our desire for fantasy.

Lightness and darkness, the real and the imagined, the beautiful and the bizarre—all of these paradoxes permeate Rosen’s work. Because of their contradictory nature, the tension generated by these pairs of elements entices us to behold, inhabit and get lost in Rosen’s photographic narratives. Once inside, we take part in an adventure. Despite having no clear destination, our adventure proves valuable. We encounter unusual characters, stumble upon enthralling situations and overcome obstacles. We are challenged by the unfamiliar and then rewarded with experience and knowledge. Luring us into worlds that blend fact and fiction and along journeys that make us question that which we know, Rosen encourages us to look at the familiar in new ways. She spurs us into exploring the human condition. She allows us to gain insight into ourselves and each other. She lets us live in a fairy tale.

In this presentation, Rosen will share both personal and commercial work while highlighting her process from inspiration through execution.