Speedlite Crash Course: Mastering Portraits and Action Sports with Small Strobes


In this action-packed seminar including a live shoot, award-winning commercial photographer Tyler Stableford reveals how to maximize your lighting setups with Speedlites. Working wirelessly with the Canon 600EX-RT flashes, Stableford will show you how to create dramatic lighting with just a single flash, as well as with multiple flashes and a variety of modifiers. Additionally, the workshop will delve into the creative process of working with a sports model and capturing a range of looks. For those who want to take their sports and portrait photography to exciting new dimensions, this seminar will enliven your imagery and make your work shine.

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How do I see the video.  


The player had a delay, and we re-upload the video, it should be fine now. Sorry for the incoveniance.

Where I can find photos made during the "crash course"?

Thanks in advance.