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Child, Family and Couple Photography with Tracie Maglosky


In this B&H Event Space video, Olympus Trailblazer and award-winning wedding and portrait photographer Tracie Maglosky walks you through the process behind her beautiful style of holiday portraits. She covers the many types of portraiture—including children, families, and couples—and explores best practices for winning trust and affection, enabling you to capture the personality and uniqueness of a child.

In addition to a discussion of styling and lighting for groups on the go, she teaches you to find the best light in your location and explains how to quickly add artificial light. Finally, Maglosky shares personal tips and recommendations on the fine art of posing a large family, for results that your subjects will cherish for years to come.

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Loved this video! Thank you for the advice!

The content was well worth an hour of my time, as I have several key takeaways. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you've gained through experience. The presentation was more intimate & engaging by Tracie moving around, even if that left her less than ideally lit.

Hi JoAnn, thanks for writing in to let us know that you enjoyed this presentation and left with some takeaways. If you liked this video, might I also recommend Capture the Spirit of Family with Me Ra Koh... here's a link:

Enjoy ... and thanks again for watching and letting us know your thoughts!

Poorly lit, one camera angle, and waaaaaaay too long!

This video is very informative and I enjoyed watching it. Tracie Maglosky is a talented photographer and a great instructor as well!