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Here Comes The Bride, with Wedding Photographer Andy Marcus

Andy Marcus has been in the business of photographing weddings for more than 40 years. He has steadily built up his reputation as the photographer to hire for weddings in the New York area.

As the president of Fred Marcus Studio, Andy has established a clientele comprised of the most prominent families and business leaders in the country. Their strong loyalty, which spans generations, is derived from an ethic of non-compromising quality and customized service. Andy’s company has built a reputation for quality and integrity that has brought the highest-end clients in the New York area to their door. Andy combines the best of great posed photography and very exciting photojournalism to provide his clients with unique and thorough wedding coverage. 

Andy, his son Brian, who has also made a name for himself, and his associate photographers photograph around 300 events a year. They have traveled to Switzerland, Mexico, France, Italy and England as well as most of the Caribbean to photograph wedding events. They are the preferred, recommended photographers at most of New York’s five-star hotels.

Marcus has photographed the weddings of Eddie Murphy, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Kelsey Grammer, Mary Tyler Moore, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips, among others.

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Excellent video, thanks B&H for posting this.

As a videographer it is imperative that I have an understanding with the photographer that where possible they do not loiter at the end of my barrel. ie stand behind the bride and groom, yes they will wander through a shot, that is part of the whole atmosphere, but never stay still behind the bride and groom.

Indeed it fascinates me with church weddings in particular, they have the Bride and groom's back to the audience, it should be treated as theatre and no actor puts their back to the audience.

So I am disappointed as a videographer, that this video does not show a videographer shooting the wedding as well.

Being discrete is one thing but with 2 photographers and 2 videographers a wedding can turn into a hollywood set.

Great work, but would of like to have seen a product list of all the equipment he used.

Really enjoyed the "Here Comes the Bride" with Mr. Marcus. Never thought about using a ladder for the formal shots but will definitely consider it in my next wedding. Also, love the golden nuggets of information that you shared along the way. a wedding ceremony does Marcus really get up on platform like in the video?

B&H Thank you for a top notch information video I am 75 now and am very pleased to see his posing at the end to add a subject by subject building the group around the bride as I used to do - a time saving fool proof method of working wedding after wedding WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU Pieter Spies South Africa

I really enjoyed this video!
It would be good to have the list of equipment he mentioned during the video.
Thank you so much!

We are glad that you enjoyed the presentation and thank you for watching. You can find most of the gear listed here:

I don't know. This guy is all over the stage, he's really inserting himself into the wedding. He says it's all about them, but I feel like he acts like it's all about documenting them. Like their pictures are what they can show off, and what they'll have "in memory" so that's what's most important.

I think it's too much, it's too in-your-face photography.

My ideal wedding; no guests are allowed cameras (no photography, that means you with the iPhone), there are hired photographers but they shoot candid when not posing. I don't want them standing next to me on stage. I want to barely notice they're there.

I liked. I learned. The ladder was great!, especially if i use 2 or more...i already buy fabric, on sale, to use in possible future photos.
Like the grip at beginning of video. Pocket wizard compatible w/dyna, useful info.
Among other things i learned. Thank You! Andy, Thank You! B@H!

Pretty impressive work you've performed here. I truly enjoyed reading most of your posts and I consider your blog great. Please, keep on producing such a quality content. Thank you!

Thanks a Mil,
this was a very informative video on taking pictures at a wedding. It really helped me a great deal because I've never shot a wedding before but performed many, have done many formal affairs though. I may be shooting a wedding early in 2014.
Thanks again,
Pstr. Jlee